Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Sooooo....I finally changed my name legally. Today Q took me to the Social Security Administration to change my name! I also took a new passport photo...that is super UG!!!

So from the officially Mrs. Clay...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have Yourself...


Yeah thats all the excitement I have available for the holiday season. I was so sad last night because I hate not being with my family on the holidays. By my family I mean mine or Q's...either one I will take. We have invites to go other places but its not the same being with someone else's family. Where you barely know people and the conversation is awkward. I dont want to spend my holiday trying not to look out of place, bored, and uninterested. I mean why do I have to fein interest in anything that is playing on television?!!!!

Yeah we are staying home. I just made my final decision. Im making Lemon peper salmon, mac & cheese, corn casserole and veggies in a butter cream sauce. Yeah nothing lowfat here...lowfat is lame. For real. Especially on Christmas. Im probably going to either make some baked apples or honeybun cake a little later.

Thanks T-Mobile for giving us the day off to spend with our loved ones...or in my case one.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

So here I sit, signing and addressing Christmas cards. I am thinking Im late sending out cards, but I havent gotten any so maybe im sitting down right in the nick of time to get these sent out.

Its funny that I dont have much to say right now. I go through my day and normally think..."ooo yeah I can blog about this..." But I always forget. Go figure.

I was sick today at work and couldnt stay. Im home now. I feel crappy but its all good. I have stuff to do anyways. Im still on the fence about getting a Christmas tree. We will see! I might be putting one up on Christmas Eve...

I miss my family so much and I miss my friends. I will keep you all in my prayers.

P.S. Im going to be crocheting this weekend. I need to get on to the next stitch!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bah Some bug

Im so not in the Christmas spirit. I am not interested in spending money on a gift and I dont care if I receive any or not. Honestly Im so content that I could care less about a day thats been pumped up to be about the economy and not the TRUE SPIRIT. I mean normally Im all into the jesus is the reason fo the season. But its like...ok I know that. How do i make my actions fall in line with my beliefs. Its like I dont feel like I need to go out and try to figure out what gift to get people just because its Christmas and you are supposed to give gifts. Should we be the gifts in our loved ones lives.

I dont know. I guess I should go buy a box of cards to let everyone know Im thinking about them and I wish I could see them.

Maybe the way Im feeling right now has alot to do with the fact that I wont be seeing my family or Q's family AGAIN this holiday season. Im really upset about it in fact. Mostly because Im saving all my money to make it to Melissa's wedding in Barbados. At the end of the day...the money will speak for itself and make the determination on whether Im going or not.

Back to Christmas. I have to work the day after and I know we will be busy with calls from those who got phones for Christmas but have not even so much as looked at the user manual that came with the phone. Ephin dummies. Im such a grinch right now.

This is the first Christmas im NOT looking forward to. So used to be my favorite time of the year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attention Shoppers

I'm sitting my couch. At Peace.

I have found the best butter pecan ice cream in the world. Never mind all the money i have spent trying to uncover the best tasting brand. I have had them all. Been to a gazillion ice cream joints and come home with tons of half gallon and pint containers of my favorite flavor.

But I was a fool. Spending as much as 8 dollars for a half gallon of this creamy rich buttery confection that melts on the tip of my tongue. (Oooo that was a sexy line...get your mind out of the gutter I'm still talking about ice cream) All along...overlooking the store brand thinking I was above it. Imagine that!

So I went grocery shopping and needed some butter pecan to go with the cobbler I made. (Dont ask...cobblers are not my forte.) Can you believe that none of the non store brands were on sale!!! I was disgusted and decided that I was not paying regular price for ice cream!!!

So I picked up the PUBLIX brand. Got it home. And Im ashamed to say that my cobbler almost messed up my ice cream!! It was butter pecan...from publix...for 3.00. I will not buy another brand of ice cream from now on.

Dont judge me and my post about ice cream.

I have nothing else to talk about. Sue me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Man its been a minute since I have posted. I have no energy when I come home from work. The only thing I manage to is pick up the Playstation 3 controller and play Puzzle Quest. I love this game to death. And when i mention death...I am talking about the death of myself. Quenton and I went out to dinner last night after I got off of work, we got home about 11 and I started playing at about twelve. I played until five thirty or so in the morning. My husband literally had to drag me to bed and I was kicking and screaming. I would still be playing right now at 1:52 in the afternoon had he not! He is playing right now and Im so jealous that he is playing MY game. I want to clunk him up side the head, knock him out and have Puzzle Quest all to myself. But its ok i have my shows to catch up on.

Speaking of my shows. My favorite show of the season has been cancelled. Rest in peace Lipstick Jungle. OMG I am obsessed with it as well. I love watching these high powered fashion forward women wage war in their everyday lives.

I hated Sex and the City and I think that Lipstick Jungle is way better. Sex and the City was overdone and they were not all that fashionable to me. I guess I value matching and looking relatively normal in your own special way. I mean I just wasn't watching Sara Jessica Parker on Sex and the City thinking "OMG she is so cute/hot!" NOT ONCE.

I mean Look at Victory's boots! I would wear the crap out of those like I wear the crap out of my leopard flats. I wear them with everything knowing they don't match but its my thing. Leopard accessories. I have a leopard hardcase for my glasses as well! I am in search for the right leopard belt. I love Victory Ford. And I love that they are all regular women who come from regular backgrounds not all Versace Armani named brand-istas!!!! I mean I can duplicate the looks on my girls on LStckJun (in my size 16) and not look ridiculous going to work or to dinner with my husband.

OK enough of that. I'm sad to see them go but I'm sure another show will capture my heart just like this one did. I mean shucks...shows come and shows go...its the nature of the business.

Finally. I must speak on the atrocity I witnessed Wednesday night. Some of my loyal readership (all two of you) have experienced the evil I speak of. Both of you have read Nanny Diaries (yes Q I just outted you)...but we put the movie on our netflix and that was where the mistake was made. The book was fantastic! I felt a range of emotions during my journey into the lives of a girl who took a job that she was too good for because she needed to (wow I can relate). That is one of my favorite books to this day.

The movie was garbage. From the casting, the acting, the wardrobe. Everything was awful. If I wasn't a lady I would literally doodah all over the movie. (I wanted to use literally in this post in that way so sue me) Their interpretation was wretched. It was a total waste of time and space. I want that hour and thirty minutes of my life back. Its like the script writer had no imagination what-so-ever. Then they had the audacity to steal from one of the all time great movies of our generation Mary Poppins.

I have experienced a lot the past few weeks while I was gone. Mostly a lot of television, video games and food. Man I'm enjoying my life...and my obsession for next week in addition to the others. Experimenting with color.

I'm going to go buy some grey short ankle boots today, either suede or leather. Some opaque tights and at least one cute dress.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Yes We Did!!!!

Everyone knows that tonight history was made. I dont need to reiterate that. I honestly wasnt sure, when I cast my early vote last week for Barack Obama, that he would be the next President of the United States. Im my heart I hoped, and I prayed for God to lead us in the right direction. But more than that I desired for American's to make the right decision...the smart decision.

Now we all know that American's are really bad at choosing things. I mean look at American Idol and Big Brother. Whenever we have to make a decision we mess it up!!! But this time we got it right. I am predicting that Barack will be one of the best presidents this country has ever seen.

Yes I said it.

Im so proud and excited. Yes i live in Tennessee so my vote didnt count. Go figure. Im seriously wanting to move because the numbers say alot about the people here.

I didnt cry, but i have this dumb grin on my face and a peace in my heart. Things are going to get better. I will quote my husband by saying, "I have never been so proud to be an American in my life as I am right now."

Doesnt this just make you feel as though ANYTHING is possible!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OMG ive been sick all week. I dont know what it is. Is it a cold? Is it just sinuses...or those pesky allergies people i nthe tennessee valley develop after being here a few years! I FEEL LIKE CRAP! And I look worse!

Tomorrow is Huddle Up...its T-Mobile's community service/outreach program. We work with the Boys and Girls Club of Tennessee. Im back is always so fullfilling. I will report back later on what I did. I promise Im not just doing it for the free t-shirt, breakfast, lunch and snack.

We are going to the St. Louis area this weekend to celebrate Quenton's grandmother's 80th birthday...they are giving her a surprise birthday party and I have no idea what to get her for a gift! I always buy silk scarves in these situations...I mean you cant go wrong with them. Older people like to wear them with suits...younger people like to tie them around their heads. Its a multifunctional accessory for goodness sake!

Ok Im starting to feel the benadryl I prescribed myself...Im going to sleep so good!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Say Cheese

So I broke my camera. Im really upset right now because I dont have extra money to buy a good...cute...small one. Now I have nothing but my lame camera phone that takes horrible pictures. On top of the fact that I am getting a blackberry curve (me and Q) so I guess that will have to be my camera. Really wish I could get a new camera though!

See I took this pic with my looks all blurry and lame.

So im planning a bridal shower for Melissa and a baby shower for Jessica. And trying to make it to Barbados for Melissa's wedding. Im going to working alot of overtime starting November 18. Hope I can get enough money to do everything I want to do. But Im not going to stress myself out about it.

Maybe I can win a camera at work. Or win a cell phone and sell it for a camera. Nah I want a new ipod so if I get a camera good...if i get a phone im selling it for an ipod. No I need a I need an ipod! OMG im so confused!

Alot of people got laid off at my husbands job. He was spared...and Im grateful to God for that.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Work Up

So Thursday night we went to 3rd & Lindsley to hear a co-worker play. The band who opened for him rocked. I was super impressed. Q and I were really impressed. The were called Kennedy (click here to hear them on their myspace)...

Im not doing much this weekend. We will be having the Smiths over for football tomorrow. I will probably make some sort of rotel dip with tortilla chips and a dessert. Im thinking banana pudding...but I like it to sit over night and I havent gone to the store or prepared it so thats probably not going to happen.

We put our couch covers back on...our couch looked so bad. I can't wait to get new furniture one day. Hopefully we can get this picture hung before I get grey hair! Its been sitting by the television since we got it.

Darn its Sunday already. I was hoping the weekend would last a little long. I wont be getting any extra days off until Thanksgiving...hopefully I dont have to work the day will suck to go down home (Q's grandmothers) and then have to turn right back around and come back! But we will see..keep your fingers crossed that I wont have to work!

Signing off...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sucking @ it...

Sooo....I suck at life. Yeah I do. I suck at eating right and working out. I suck at work. I suck at sticking to a budget for long periods of time. Generally I am a loser.

Ok now that the self loathing is done I will continue with my blog.

This weekend we went to J. Alexanders for an expensive slice of cow. Mine had a tropical flair...Steak Maui to be specific. Its was mediocre at best. Hubby had NY was super crispy on the outside bleeding on the inside even though he asked for medium well. Then he got some mac and cheese which was more like velveeta shells and cheese alfredo style. It was aight. We should have gone to Flemmings. We wont make that mistake again.

After that dinner, I decided to go ahead and cook. To quench my desire for a good meal. Made Spinach Lasagna. OMG I thought it was so good and rich. It was my first time attempting a spinach only recipes.

I know this picture I do. But i toook it with my camera phone. Why (In case you were wondering)....WELL my flippin' expensive camera broke! AND I CANT FIX IT! So I will have to do the best I can until I get a new camera. This looked way better in person...bright and colorful and GREEN! Like a christmas lasagna!

Anyways. I bought a ped worked really good. I love it! Shout out to Q's mom for suggesting it. Ok well she was talking to one of her sisters and I was listening in on the conversation and decided to get one.

Am I the only one who can't read self help books to the end. The get repetitve after the 7th chapter. I really wanted to finish Good to Great but the fire has dwindled down to ash. I wont be finishing that book....ever.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's all about perspective...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Respect My Game

Oh my goodness...I just realized that I am so boring. I had no idea that I would just go to work and go home. The most exciting thing I did today was try to figure out a way to make my husband laugh. I failed miserably but I have until I fall asleep to make it happen.

I love the time we spend before we go to sleep. Laughing and talking. Sometimes we laugh so hard my head and/or stomach aches. Isn't that wonderful. I know this blog is about me but I never talk about my husband. Ok...I'm lying. I always talk about him because he is great.

So he has turned me on to football. I'm a fanatic in the worst way. I am uuber competitive so I want the teams I like to win. And I want Q's fantasy team to win too...and I hate it when it doesn't win (he won the championship last year). Not like if I had my own team it would win. Because Im a novice at this football thing. The thing I love and hate about football is that you can't call it. So many factors determine who will win and who will lose but at the same time...none of those things matter because until the very end...its anyones game. Anyone can win.

I love that concept. Anyone can win...even the team that everyone said wouldnt win because they had everything (the odds) stacked against them. I loved the Giants Superbowl win last year...they beat a team that was undefeated the whole season and the Giants didnt get an ounce of respect until they actually won that final showdown of the season.

Life is like that.

But I want to say one thing. Never count me out. I might be down at times, statistically other teams may be better than me. But I am just flying under the radar. Before you know it...I will be in the playoffs and you will be wondering how I got there. So busy counting me out that you didnt prepare for me! You didnt watch any of my game didnt give me any credit for earning my spot. But Im coming for you. Im coming for the trophy and the ring. Im fighting for that number one spot.

I dont know how my post about my boring life turned into this...I was totally rambling. I know I sound like the crazy homeless person on the corner talking jibberish but whatever. Thats what a blog is for. Tune in to my next post titled "Defense Wins Games!!!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

La La La La Booom Boom Choo

Yeah I couldnt come up with a title so I just types whatever popped into my head. Its funny but I was actually singing it. Im so extremely corny. For real.

Yesterday was so fun. I woke up and decided I wanted to go to the movies to see the Tyler Perry movie. So I begged Q to go with me. We got there watched a movie and decided we wanted to see another one so we did! We saw Burn After Reading and it was HILARIOUS. The Tyler Perry was good but not as good as Burn.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner, it was lackluster and uninspiring. Icing had a killer sale 10 items for 10 bucks. I went crazy but only spent ten bucks. I got necklaces, earrings, a bracelet, a headband and a nail file. Please don't question my choices...headbands are so back in right now its not even funny!

I need to go to the grocery store. I have decided that grapes and nectarines will be my thing this week. I'm going to put them in baggies so all I have to do every day is grab one and be out! What are you doing to make eating healthier a reality????

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slow Start...

I have been exhausted as of late. Probably my lack of activity.

I woke up this morning and went walking. I will do the same tomorrow morning. Once i get up I'm good to go...

My 10 year HS reunion is in September...yeah its been that long.

I'm going to make reservations for Q and I to spend the weekend at Gaylord Opryland Hotel...I can't wait! I believe if you work hard you should splurge every now and again...even though its just a weekend.

We had a Stick Together Moment today...I took a concept from Good to Great...OF COURSE! Our team is all women...and whenever we talk about ourselves we talk about our significant others and children and friends and family...but we as women are so much more complex than just those things. Women are so compartmentalized but sometimes was let our traditional roles define us. But my being Quenton's wife or Sharon and Sekum's daughter and someones sister is not all that there is to me. I am passionate about those relationships but I am passionate about other things to.

So I asked everyone what they were passionate about and we got to go beneath that external layer and get to the heart of who we are in addition to the mom, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend! Wow how awesome. What are you passionate about?? So many exciting things were revealed about my peers...the funny thing is that no one had ever asked any of them what they were passionate about.

Personally I believe that if you can't be passionate about shouldn't do it. Why? Because greatness is impossible without PASSION!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Applesauce is Amazing

So I have been I said. I have been trying to make things I normally make along with some lighter deserts since I have a CRAZY sweet tooth...I have been using applesauce to replace sugar and butter and its been a wonderful adventure.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

I hate raisins so these obviously are for Q since he likes everything. They actually turned out more like a breakfast cookie type of thing. I ate one for breakfast with a glass of skim milk and was good until lunch.

Applesauce Cake.

I loved this cake. I loved that the applesauce took the place of most of the sugar and butter and made the cake super flavorful. It was also super simple. Yes its true. I surf the pages of during my spare time!!!! I just added a basic cinnamon glaze to the top of the cake when it was done. Yum!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Good is the Enemy of Great...

So...I'm done my first week back at T-Mobile. And I'm having a hard time figuring out why the heck I left in the first place. Everything seems so clean and new and shiny. I know what really lies beneath but I'm now focused on remaining positive.

Our vice president came today to have a Town Hall...and she basically reiterated EVERYTHING I read in Good to Great (Jim Collins). I knew that I saw a lot of our values in the meat of the book, but I didn't expect her (Sue Nokes) to speak from it. She even said...we want the right people on the bus. She could have at least used a different vehicle for her example like a train or car or something other than bus. I digress. I love that book...its has been extremely beneficial in my quest to really grow up.

We all need to take a look in the mirror every now and then and be real about what we see staring back at us. Good and bad. I feel like such a better person for doing that recently. It is exhausting living beneath your potential. Acheiving greatness on the other hand is ridiculously energizing. I took inventory and alot of the values I want to embody we missing...dont know when they left me but they are gone and I need to get them back. Not saying Im a bad person but i want to be a great person.

No Im not running a 5k but I will tackle my health issues next. I know what I need to do...doing it is another story all together.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Im Back I Guess

So...I have been MIA. Dont ask me why. I think my desire to goof off at work turned into my desire to get a new job before I ended up being escorted out of the building in handcuffs with a red substance dripping off of my manicured nails (no polish thank you) and splattered on my white birks (I will talk about them at a later date).

I mean I just couldn't take it anymore. And I demn sure couldnt take it for pennys a day. I mean I considered going to work at pizza hut to get out of the situation. I felt like a pigeon being tossed bread...actually it was more like it was being thrown at my head. Ok enough complaining.

I decided to go back to my old job. They welcomed me and my exceptional performance back with open arms and more money. I mean money can't make you happy but seeing the figures in my savings account grow is incentive for me.

I have decided that most of the people in the world hate their jobs but are glad they have one. So I have decided to grow up...stop day dreaming and be an adult. lol...I will have a lot of stories to tell once I get back on the phones. For now it's training...

P.S. I made pound cake last night for desert. The Smith's came over for dinner and Hot Shots Golf. We gave half of it to our drunk/high neighbor tonight...Im sure he will get the munchies later on. That was random...and served no purpose. But what fun is blogging if you can't ramble from time to time! Anyways I wanted you to know I am using the crap out of my Kitchenaid. THANKS MULZACS (and you too Ev)!!!!!

P.S.2. Cunt is the insult of the year (thanks John McCain). My last day is tomorrow. Today we had a faculty meeting. I took my desk chair down to the conference room because my butt is too good to sit on those dusty chairs they have in there already. My boss sits in my chair and I was forced to sit in the back of the meeting making jokes about I did in middle school. She had no idea why some were laughing at awkward times...I hope she didnt fart in my chair.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Case of the Blahs...

So I have not had any desire to write...or post...or read. I am feeling so...blah (cant think of another word to describe it). I think it has to do with being extremely unfulfilled with regards to my 9-5...or should I call it my 8is-430 on the dot.

I mean no one respects me at all there because most of the faculty is over 60 and Im just a youngin'. But i mean really are we having to argue the fact that 1200 am - 1201 am is one minute apart not 24 hours. And after you finally get it...can I get an apology? ::rollingeyes::

I digress. I made my own bed now I am lying in it.

I made biscuits tonight...yes from scratch. I am soooo over anything that isnt. Its a bad trend though. Bored? Bake something! Luckily I just got Hot Shots Golf on the PS consumes me.

Yesterday I found out that my mother is officially starting dialysis. I was heartbroken. She is on a list to get a kidney transplant. I feel so guilty about not being able to spend time with her because I'm in Nashville. My extra money will be going to plane tickets so I can go home more than once or twice a year, probably every other month. I mean I was with my grandmother from the beginning of her treatment to the end of her life which wasnt very long.

My mother is well aware that I am worried to death and keeps trying to console me by saying "Its not like it used to be technology has advanced in that area." But I still can't help but be concerned. Really it just makes me realize that my parents are aging...and I had better show them all my love now while they are still with me!!!

Oh and the food posts are boring to me now. I mean I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple for lunch and cheese and ritz cracker sfor dinner. Who wants to hear about that in detail!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sugar Addicts Unite!

Word on "the street" is that Friday June 6, 2008 (TODAY) is National Doughnut Day so Krispy Kreme is giving out a free doughnut of your choice.

Okay first free ice cream now a free doughnut. These doughnuts in particular...are so good. They are like crack to me. Its like you know its wrong but it just feels so good. Needless to say I will be going to the crackhouse to get my free hit. I cant wait for it to melt in my mouth and send shivers down my spine and fuzzy feelings to my fingers and toes.

Okay some dont think the crack reference is funny. But....I do so I will post this without any thought to how it will come across...any guilt I may feel will be wiped away by my doughnut!

By the way...NEW YORKERS..get em while you can. Aparently they have banned the use of transfat in the state (back in 2006). Yes just transfat...but smoking is still allowed in publc. And yes...there are alot of other harmful things which not taken in moderation can also be harmful (Beyonce and Jay, Mariah and Nick). This is obviously a joke.

Nothing is wrong with the transfat...just the excessive CONSUMPTION of it. Which is why Im glad KK is giving away one and not a dozen.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I remember the days my parents would take us to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream. I would always get Mint Chocolate Chip. We would take it outside and sit on the bench and indulge ourselves in the tastes of summer.

I also remember getting a free scoop for my birthday. I would stalk the mail and bug my mother to let me go to the mailbox to see if my free ice cream scoop had arrived. I still stalk the mail in the same way. But for different reasons.

So I was looking for free samples online and came across the Baskin Robbins site (yes I was at work...the wedding planning is over what else am I supposed to do here).

Weeelllll...I learned that I can still get my free scoop! Gotta love that right!!!!! Right! Well it was May 22nd or something so I just put that my birthday was May 25th (its may 19th) and immediately got an email for a free scoop of ice cream. Now I considered defrauding them and putting in a bunch of different email addresses (Lord knows I have a bunch)...but I resisted the urge. I don't need to taste all THIRTY-ONE flavors. Just Butter Pecan. Plus my hubby had gotten me an ice cream need in me being greedy. Yeah my box looked just like the one Brad and Zahara had...i.e. Ice Cream Cakes are sooooo in.

I digress.

I went. I got my free scoop. It was not my normal Butter Pecan. It was York Peppermint Patty. It was delightful. Cool. Minty Goodness. Just like a 'holic I'm getting excited thinking about it. I got to work today and checked my email and I had a coupon for a 31Below, buy one get one free. Its their new frozen treat. It uses their soft serve and its pretty freaking good. Way better than a Blizzard or McFlurry. Me and Q have been abusing Baskin Robbins the past month, but the soft serve machine is down so we were forced to quit cold turkey. Needless to say he told me to give the coupon away. I will hold on to it for now.

All this to say...Baskin Robbins wants us to eat their Ice Cream. They are practically giving it away. So go get some. They have frozen yogurt and sorbet for you "want to be healthier folks".

Item: Scoop of Ice Cream/31 Below
Price: Free/3.49
Purchased at: Baskin Robbins
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Great low price. High Quality. Brings back old memories. Melts in your mouth. Makes you feel better after a rough day.
Cons: I'm the only one here. I cant stop eating ice cream. All the irritating people in the line and their irritating off spring. Quitting cold turkey because the machine is down.

Kashi Mountain Medley Granola

So I got my first free sample.

My husband walked in the door with the mail and I saw a small box in his hand. I ignored the bills, and went straight for the turquoise box he had wrapped the bills around.

Ahhh....imagine my excitement.

Kashi Mountain Medley Granola

Yum Yum. I mean really people...its granola! Some time in the past three months I have literally fallen head over heels for granola. I mean I have to have it. Life is so blah without my granola. And this one...this little bag full of rolled oats, rye, barley, almonds, pecans, cranberries, and raisins REALLY knocked my socks off. I mean...I literally melted as it slid upon my tongue!

I'm so in love with this granola, which would be great by itself with milk or mixed into so creamy yogurt...that I'm sharing the wealth with you all! Yes. Yes I am sharing the wealth.

Get your free sample of Kashi Mountain Medley Granola HERE.

Let me know what you think of it...when you get it!

Item: Kashi Mountain Medley Granola
Price: Five Dollars-ish In Stores
Purchased at: Free Sample
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Not sugary sweet. Nutritious (it is granola after all). Crunchy. Free sample.
Cons: Not enough raisins, cranberries. Sample was to freaking small. Nutritious (it is granola after all).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starting this thing...

So I used to blog all the time...and I stopped for some reason I cant remember at this very moment. Its funny I was supposed to start this the day after Valentines Day. I had this moving post on The Poor Peoples Campaign of 1968. I was going to write about how I and countless other Washingtonians did not even know that people of all races moved to the National Mall and set up a shanty town to protest America's failure to address the poverty in our Country. No this was not last week it was 1968 and they stayed there for roughly 13 rained the whole time and eventually they were removed by force. Google it. It was a beautiful post...with pictures and everything. But I lost it. Or didnt save it. One or the other. So in frustration I said forget it.

So here I am. Ready to write. Ready to post. I have been trying to figure out what I would write about for about a month now. I have no excuses. The wedding has come and gone...April 5, 2008...I became Q's Wife but Im known in our circle as Mrs. QSPN.

Anyways...what to write about. I live in Nashville. I work at Tennessee State University. I am a pretty run of the mill stay at home type of girl.

Excitement to me consist of the feeling I get when I see my husband or know Im going to see him at 4:30 M-F...but you all dont want to hear about that. So moving on...

Excitement to me consist of the feeling I get when something hits my tastebuds and sends me into an orgasmic euphoric daze. Yes...I love food. So that is what I am going to write about. Im done dieting for now. Im going to cook...and eat and let the world in on what I have finally figured is a superhero. I mean Jesus is my savior but food is my superhero.