Sunday, September 21, 2008

La La La La Booom Boom Choo

Yeah I couldnt come up with a title so I just types whatever popped into my head. Its funny but I was actually singing it. Im so extremely corny. For real.

Yesterday was so fun. I woke up and decided I wanted to go to the movies to see the Tyler Perry movie. So I begged Q to go with me. We got there watched a movie and decided we wanted to see another one so we did! We saw Burn After Reading and it was HILARIOUS. The Tyler Perry was good but not as good as Burn.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner, it was lackluster and uninspiring. Icing had a killer sale 10 items for 10 bucks. I went crazy but only spent ten bucks. I got necklaces, earrings, a bracelet, a headband and a nail file. Please don't question my choices...headbands are so back in right now its not even funny!

I need to go to the grocery store. I have decided that grapes and nectarines will be my thing this week. I'm going to put them in baggies so all I have to do every day is grab one and be out! What are you doing to make eating healthier a reality????


  1. yeah you posted! i'm supposed to be packing for my trip back to cali but instead i'm browsing the 'net. once again. why do people try to make weddings so dramatic??? i'm going to try and stay away from being a bridezilla but who knows.

    the reason we are such good friends is because we are both corny. i actually call myself gay but then that's not politically correct. not that i am. politically correct, that is.

    i have indulged WAY too much this week. i'm inspired to get back to eating healthy. the goal is to get back to my "happy" weight before 2009. have you ever tried spaghetti squash? i think that's next on my list of things to try. along with tons of soups. i love soup weather!

    my goal is to try at least 2 new recipes per month. now i've written too much. love you.

  2. i forgot to add: i freaking love the fattening muffins at mimis. all of them.