Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Sooooo....I finally changed my name legally. Today Q took me to the Social Security Administration to change my name! I also took a new passport photo...that is super UG!!!

So from the officially Mrs. Clay...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have Yourself...


Yeah thats all the excitement I have available for the holiday season. I was so sad last night because I hate not being with my family on the holidays. By my family I mean mine or Q's...either one I will take. We have invites to go other places but its not the same being with someone else's family. Where you barely know people and the conversation is awkward. I dont want to spend my holiday trying not to look out of place, bored, and uninterested. I mean why do I have to fein interest in anything that is playing on television?!!!!

Yeah we are staying home. I just made my final decision. Im making Lemon peper salmon, mac & cheese, corn casserole and veggies in a butter cream sauce. Yeah nothing lowfat here...lowfat is lame. For real. Especially on Christmas. Im probably going to either make some baked apples or honeybun cake a little later.

Thanks T-Mobile for giving us the day off to spend with our loved ones...or in my case one.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

So here I sit, signing and addressing Christmas cards. I am thinking Im late sending out cards, but I havent gotten any so maybe im sitting down right in the nick of time to get these sent out.

Its funny that I dont have much to say right now. I go through my day and normally think..."ooo yeah I can blog about this..." But I always forget. Go figure.

I was sick today at work and couldnt stay. Im home now. I feel crappy but its all good. I have stuff to do anyways. Im still on the fence about getting a Christmas tree. We will see! I might be putting one up on Christmas Eve...

I miss my family so much and I miss my friends. I will keep you all in my prayers.

P.S. Im going to be crocheting this weekend. I need to get on to the next stitch!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bah Some bug

Im so not in the Christmas spirit. I am not interested in spending money on a gift and I dont care if I receive any or not. Honestly Im so content that I could care less about a day thats been pumped up to be about the economy and not the TRUE SPIRIT. I mean normally Im all into the jesus is the reason fo the season. But its like...ok I know that. How do i make my actions fall in line with my beliefs. Its like I dont feel like I need to go out and try to figure out what gift to get people just because its Christmas and you are supposed to give gifts. Should we be the gifts in our loved ones lives.

I dont know. I guess I should go buy a box of cards to let everyone know Im thinking about them and I wish I could see them.

Maybe the way Im feeling right now has alot to do with the fact that I wont be seeing my family or Q's family AGAIN this holiday season. Im really upset about it in fact. Mostly because Im saving all my money to make it to Melissa's wedding in Barbados. At the end of the day...the money will speak for itself and make the determination on whether Im going or not.

Back to Christmas. I have to work the day after and I know we will be busy with calls from those who got phones for Christmas but have not even so much as looked at the user manual that came with the phone. Ephin dummies. Im such a grinch right now.

This is the first Christmas im NOT looking forward to. So used to be my favorite time of the year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attention Shoppers

I'm sitting my couch. At Peace.

I have found the best butter pecan ice cream in the world. Never mind all the money i have spent trying to uncover the best tasting brand. I have had them all. Been to a gazillion ice cream joints and come home with tons of half gallon and pint containers of my favorite flavor.

But I was a fool. Spending as much as 8 dollars for a half gallon of this creamy rich buttery confection that melts on the tip of my tongue. (Oooo that was a sexy line...get your mind out of the gutter I'm still talking about ice cream) All along...overlooking the store brand thinking I was above it. Imagine that!

So I went grocery shopping and needed some butter pecan to go with the cobbler I made. (Dont ask...cobblers are not my forte.) Can you believe that none of the non store brands were on sale!!! I was disgusted and decided that I was not paying regular price for ice cream!!!

So I picked up the PUBLIX brand. Got it home. And Im ashamed to say that my cobbler almost messed up my ice cream!! It was butter pecan...from publix...for 3.00. I will not buy another brand of ice cream from now on.

Dont judge me and my post about ice cream.

I have nothing else to talk about. Sue me.