Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grown and Sexy

Let's be honest.

The world has a fascination with sex but for some reason they assume that we, thick and luscious chicks, are not getting any. I need to let the world know...we have a lot of good sects! (I find the term sects to be hilarious so don't mind me.)

I know that speaking on this publicly  may taboo (the opposite of proper) but we are all doing, have done or will do IT.

With that said City Chic totally gets the level of hotness that I want to bring to my bedroom. 

They have a good selection and they are hitting the mark with what they have.  

City Chic has some things that cinch where I need to be cinched and prop up what I want to stand up. 

I love looking hot for my husband.  And Im glad we have a lot of options to do so these days. Love love love!  

Until next time...keep it sexy! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drum Roll Please...

So my interview is done.

What did I wear you ask?

Something I already own.

Why you ask?

My husband made the suggestion.  He said that I have plenty of nice things in my closet already and no matter what I choose I will look pretty.  So he helped me figure out what I would wear. Lane Bryant for the win...this time around.  I wore this exact blazer and matching pants.  And a kelly green shell.

Though I did not purchase new apparel for my interview I did spring for some new pumps.  My old black pumps looked I tossed them and purchased these lovelies.  

Merona by Target.  29.99 plus 5.00 coupon brought them to 25.00! I win!
These shoes are really comfortable.  Target has them in Leopard and Nude as well.  I might have to spring for another pair!

Until next time...keep it classy. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moving Up the Latter

I have a job interview at my place of employment...Im trying to move up the corporate ladder.  I have pretty much disliked every job I have ever had, with the exception of this one.

I am excited about my future with this company, specifically excited about the tuition they pay up front for my college courses.  I think it is time for me to finish what I began over ten years ago.  It is only right that I set a proper example for my daughter.

She is bright and charismatic, just like her mom...I want her to know the world is her oyster...I need to show her the world is her oyster by cracking it for myself.

With that said...I need a new suit!  I would like black or gray, with a soft white feminine blouse.

Look at the tailoring and detail on this blazer.  I love it.  Dorothy Perkins.  Oh wait...this doesn't come in my size. Womp.

My company is very stiff when it comes to professional wear when it is supposed to be worn.

This one looks a little shiny.
I normally dress in black dress pants and a nice top, but this will require more than that.

This is gorgeous...I would buy it to fit a little tighter.
I'm on the look out and will report back with my findings! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

He is.

He is.

This is so true. Worth the click!

I find myself wavering on my faith at times. But even when my days are trying...God is still...on the throne of my heart.

With Love.