Monday, March 14, 2011

City Chic Sale

Guess what!!!  City Chic is having a sale...everything on their site is 60% off!!!  This savings event starts tonight and will last until midnight on March 21st!

Now we all know what that means!  I'm going shopping and I don't have to be restricted to the clearance items!  I live for a steal, and a steal is way better than a deal.   I like to feel like I made out like a bandit after my purchase...meaning I procured the goods without giving up much loot (otherwise known as mullah, cheddar, pesos, dollar dollar bills y'all).

I had chosen some dresses to wear for my anniversary dinner, now I will be getting those and a few other goodies.  

I need this cardi to go with a darling black and white polka dot dress I bought from Ross for less than twenty bucks!  

Super super sexy.  I like to look hot when we have date nights, but I also like to be comfortable.  

BBM wore this last week and I HAVE to have it.  @ this price I will have it!

I'm trying to get away from black, buts so its so CHIC...I cant help it!  

Happy STEALING...I mean shopping!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bargains Baby

So I was over on Literal Gem's post about Harem Pants and found my way to the Simply Be home page.  I have never looked on the site but I am so glad I did.  Being who I am I went to the sale section first. I found some cute things, however I feel they are still over priced to be on sale.

This gingham shirt is on sale for 25.00...I know that I can find it cheaper.  

This top isn't exactly the same but its the look I am going for and its 18.97 at Old Navy.  I can dress it up or be more casual.

Upon further research I found this shirt at Old Navy for 12.99!  Its not as tailored as the one at Simply Be however if I roll the sleeves up and pair it with a funky belt I can achieve a look of my own.

Simply Be is running a promo right now for 20 percent off of purchase for new customers.  Keeping that in mind, sales tax in the state of Tennessee is almost ten percent so I would only be getting ten more percent off.  At the end I decided to go for the second shirt at Old Navy because I can get free shipping and ten percent off, which means no tax.   The colorful shirt is more flattering for my shape and has a lot of potential when it comes to increasing my ensembles cute factor (think: accessories).  The more possibilities the better...REMIX!

I love bargain shopping online!

Even though I did not find anything over at Simply Be this time around, they do have some cute pieces. I will continue to shop their sale section to see what deals I can find.  They were great for inspiration!