Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OMG ive been sick all week. I dont know what it is. Is it a cold? Is it just sinuses...or those pesky allergies people i nthe tennessee valley develop after being here a few years! I FEEL LIKE CRAP! And I look worse!

Tomorrow is Huddle Up...its T-Mobile's community service/outreach program. We work with the Boys and Girls Club of Tennessee. Im back is always so fullfilling. I will report back later on what I did. I promise Im not just doing it for the free t-shirt, breakfast, lunch and snack.

We are going to the St. Louis area this weekend to celebrate Quenton's grandmother's 80th birthday...they are giving her a surprise birthday party and I have no idea what to get her for a gift! I always buy silk scarves in these situations...I mean you cant go wrong with them. Older people like to wear them with suits...younger people like to tie them around their heads. Its a multifunctional accessory for goodness sake!

Ok Im starting to feel the benadryl I prescribed myself...Im going to sleep so good!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Say Cheese

So I broke my camera. Im really upset right now because I dont have extra money to buy a good...cute...small one. Now I have nothing but my lame camera phone that takes horrible pictures. On top of the fact that I am getting a blackberry curve (me and Q) so I guess that will have to be my camera. Really wish I could get a new camera though!

See I took this pic with my looks all blurry and lame.

So im planning a bridal shower for Melissa and a baby shower for Jessica. And trying to make it to Barbados for Melissa's wedding. Im going to working alot of overtime starting November 18. Hope I can get enough money to do everything I want to do. But Im not going to stress myself out about it.

Maybe I can win a camera at work. Or win a cell phone and sell it for a camera. Nah I want a new ipod so if I get a camera good...if i get a phone im selling it for an ipod. No I need a I need an ipod! OMG im so confused!

Alot of people got laid off at my husbands job. He was spared...and Im grateful to God for that.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Work Up

So Thursday night we went to 3rd & Lindsley to hear a co-worker play. The band who opened for him rocked. I was super impressed. Q and I were really impressed. The were called Kennedy (click here to hear them on their myspace)...

Im not doing much this weekend. We will be having the Smiths over for football tomorrow. I will probably make some sort of rotel dip with tortilla chips and a dessert. Im thinking banana pudding...but I like it to sit over night and I havent gone to the store or prepared it so thats probably not going to happen.

We put our couch covers back on...our couch looked so bad. I can't wait to get new furniture one day. Hopefully we can get this picture hung before I get grey hair! Its been sitting by the television since we got it.

Darn its Sunday already. I was hoping the weekend would last a little long. I wont be getting any extra days off until Thanksgiving...hopefully I dont have to work the day will suck to go down home (Q's grandmothers) and then have to turn right back around and come back! But we will see..keep your fingers crossed that I wont have to work!

Signing off...