Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Work Up

So Thursday night we went to 3rd & Lindsley to hear a co-worker play. The band who opened for him rocked. I was super impressed. Q and I were really impressed. The were called Kennedy (click here to hear them on their myspace)...

Im not doing much this weekend. We will be having the Smiths over for football tomorrow. I will probably make some sort of rotel dip with tortilla chips and a dessert. Im thinking banana pudding...but I like it to sit over night and I havent gone to the store or prepared it so thats probably not going to happen.

We put our couch covers back on...our couch looked so bad. I can't wait to get new furniture one day. Hopefully we can get this picture hung before I get grey hair! Its been sitting by the television since we got it.

Darn its Sunday already. I was hoping the weekend would last a little long. I wont be getting any extra days off until Thanksgiving...hopefully I dont have to work the day will suck to go down home (Q's grandmothers) and then have to turn right back around and come back! But we will see..keep your fingers crossed that I wont have to work!

Signing off...

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  1. i wish we lived near each other so we could invite each other over for dinner