Monday, August 23, 2010

Minty Fresh

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had two trainings this weekend and saw some old friends at what was called "Diva Night".  So I was actually productive!

This post is totally random but I just cracked open a new tube of toothpaste and used it this morning after being STUCK with what was one of the biggest disappointments of the century.  Ok I am over exaggerating but missing the mark does not even being to describe how FAIL this toothpaste we tried was.

So I was at Target or maybe Publix.  I don't know I was somewhere shopping and came across Burt's Bees natural Toothpaste and got super excited.  Me...being the Brand Whore that I am thought it would be a good idea to try it.  I mean I LOVE their chap stick (original not all that other fruity crap) and have been using it for years and years and years.  Why would I stop to think that maybe their toothpaste wouldn't be as great as their chap stick.  Talk about brand loyalty.  Too bad the stuff was awful.  Imagine going through a whole tube of toothpaste feeling like your mouth didn't reach its full potential each and every day!  IMAGINE IT!  I wanted to throw it away but my husband, in an effort to teach me a lesson about always needing to change stuff that doesn't need to be changed, insisted that we finish the tube.

Thank God we squeezed that last bit of hell out of that tube this weekend.  I was able to go back to my soul mate...Tom's of Maine!  I will never forsake Tom's again.  I'm done sampling and am ready to commit permanently.  Period.  Its the best...its the best natural toothpaste I have found.  Sorry Burt's you missed the mark!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Color Coded

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  My life has been a trial in patience.  ::deepsigh:: But its all good.

So Fall is around the corner.  I have been saying that I am NOT wearing black and gray all day every day this year.  I'm determined to add some color to my wardrobe.  DETERMINED.

These colors are on trend for Fall 2010 and they give me goosebumps!  I love them!  And guess what!? Gray is on the list.  I will be wearing my gray pumps and booties this year.  BUT I'm not going over board with it.  I'm so excited.  The golden glow, coral and purple.  The lagoon!  ::doingthehappydance::

What colors are you excited about? Do you even care about the color trends...will you just do your own thing?  One thing I can say is, I am glad to have staple classic pieces that work with any trend! You can't go wrong when you go with your gut!  I love the feelings that getting dressed and knowing I look fab produces!

Anyways!  Have a great week lovelies!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gots To Have It

I have not really been online this summer.  But now that I have more time on my hands I can web window shop.  I spied a few items that  I am in love I'm going to share them with you all!  What have you had your eyes on recently?  Are you still enjoying summer wear or have you set your sights on fall!

I am all about the transition for now. Buying thinks that I can wear now and once the weather cools down.  I own all the staples.  Plenty of cardigans, a jean jacket, boots, tights, and scarves.  Right now I need a new black blazer and some brown riding boots.  

Evans...oh how I have missed thee!  This is fab...the roll up sleeves are the perfect length and the military inspiration is flawless.
Eshakti got this so right.  The pattern and silhouette is divine.

Torrid was not really speaking to me because I think they are over priced.  But this shirt is transitional.  I would work well with weather in Nashville because it could be layered under a sweater or vest and blazer.  Loving the mustard color.  Do to my middle I would either wear the belt higher up or eliminate it all together.

Avenue caught my eye with this colorful dress!  This would be wearable from summer into fall.  

I love this look from Avenue as well.  I'm getting this.  

Man I'm exhausted from shopping online.  I didn't find much because I'm rusty.  Give me a little time and I will be back to finding my deals. The main thing is that I am trying to get away from the black I have been wearing all summer and the gray I wore last fall and winter.  I am all about jewel tones, and neutrals.   I will also be picking up some boot cut and wide legged jeans.  I may need a break from the skinny leg phenomenon.

 That's all for now...I'm going to get a pedi.  The hardest decision I have to make this weekend is pink or red polish.  I love my life when it is stress free!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess Who's Back!

Hey everyone!

I'm back again!  Truth is I haven't had the will or energy to post while I was still having to work Summer Odyssey (H&ll on Earth).  Now that that is over and I'm back to my everyday I will have plenty to say! 

First of all...let me say.  My phone is so crappy.  I have a blackberry that is not even a year old.  The trackball is funny acting AND my camera needs glasses.  I'm not over exaggerating...I'm so serious. 

OK don't believe.  LOOK!

See!  This is what I'm talking about! glaucoma!

Anyways.  I brought forth the message at church on Sunday. I was very surprised that I was going to have to do it.  But God blessed my socks off.  So I give Him praise for what He is doing in my life!

Fashion.  What does it means to you?  For me it is really about expression.  Its a way to connect and give others a glimpse of my personality without necessarily saying a word. 

Leopard flats say a lot about a person.  When I am wearing mine I feel invincible.  I feel way more powerful and confident when I wear my leopard flats than I do when I wear some black ones.  A big chunky funky necklace that doesn't match a thing I have on says more than you know.  Its like a silent rebellion.  It rides down the street on my neck screaming at passers by for no reason in particular other than that it is present. 

What statements do your clothes or accessories or style say about you!?