Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sucking @ it...

Sooo....I suck at life. Yeah I do. I suck at eating right and working out. I suck at work. I suck at sticking to a budget for long periods of time. Generally I am a loser.

Ok now that the self loathing is done I will continue with my blog.

This weekend we went to J. Alexanders for an expensive slice of cow. Mine had a tropical flair...Steak Maui to be specific. Its was mediocre at best. Hubby had NY Strip...it was super crispy on the outside bleeding on the inside even though he asked for medium well. Then he got some mac and cheese which was more like velveeta shells and cheese alfredo style. It was aight. We should have gone to Flemmings. We wont make that mistake again.

After that dinner, I decided to go ahead and cook. To quench my desire for a good meal. Made Spinach Lasagna. OMG I thought it was so good and rich. It was my first time attempting a spinach only recipes.

I know this picture sucks...like I do. But i toook it with my camera phone. Why (In case you were wondering)....WELL my flippin' expensive camera broke! AND I CANT FIX IT! So I will have to do the best I can until I get a new camera. This looked way better in person...bright and colorful and GREEN! Like a christmas lasagna!

Anyways. I bought a ped egg...it worked really good. I love it! Shout out to Q's mom for suggesting it. Ok well she was talking to one of her sisters and I was listening in on the conversation and decided to get one.

Am I the only one who can't read self help books to the end. The get repetitve after the 7th chapter. I really wanted to finish Good to Great but the fire has dwindled down to ash. I wont be finishing that book....ever.


  1. Yeah that book is under the car

  2. 1. What's a ped egg?
    2. MMM I wish I could have some spinach lasgna.
    3. Doesn't everyone suck at eating healthy, working out and sticking to the budget 100% of the time?
    4. You're lucky- you had a date night with your hubby!
    5. I miss you.