Monday, September 22, 2008

Respect My Game

Oh my goodness...I just realized that I am so boring. I had no idea that I would just go to work and go home. The most exciting thing I did today was try to figure out a way to make my husband laugh. I failed miserably but I have until I fall asleep to make it happen.

I love the time we spend before we go to sleep. Laughing and talking. Sometimes we laugh so hard my head and/or stomach aches. Isn't that wonderful. I know this blog is about me but I never talk about my husband. Ok...I'm lying. I always talk about him because he is great.

So he has turned me on to football. I'm a fanatic in the worst way. I am uuber competitive so I want the teams I like to win. And I want Q's fantasy team to win too...and I hate it when it doesn't win (he won the championship last year). Not like if I had my own team it would win. Because Im a novice at this football thing. The thing I love and hate about football is that you can't call it. So many factors determine who will win and who will lose but at the same time...none of those things matter because until the very end...its anyones game. Anyone can win.

I love that concept. Anyone can win...even the team that everyone said wouldnt win because they had everything (the odds) stacked against them. I loved the Giants Superbowl win last year...they beat a team that was undefeated the whole season and the Giants didnt get an ounce of respect until they actually won that final showdown of the season.

Life is like that.

But I want to say one thing. Never count me out. I might be down at times, statistically other teams may be better than me. But I am just flying under the radar. Before you know it...I will be in the playoffs and you will be wondering how I got there. So busy counting me out that you didnt prepare for me! You didnt watch any of my game didnt give me any credit for earning my spot. But Im coming for you. Im coming for the trophy and the ring. Im fighting for that number one spot.

I dont know how my post about my boring life turned into this...I was totally rambling. I know I sound like the crazy homeless person on the corner talking jibberish but whatever. Thats what a blog is for. Tune in to my next post titled "Defense Wins Games!!!"


  1. Hey thx for visiting the blog. It gets real personal sometimes but I dont care. what ever happened to the weight loss blog

  2. you are so freaking cute. i'm really happy that you are in love. i don't get the football thing but i hope you win!