Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drum Roll Please...

So my interview is done.

What did I wear you ask?

Something I already own.

Why you ask?

My husband made the suggestion.  He said that I have plenty of nice things in my closet already and no matter what I choose I will look pretty.  So he helped me figure out what I would wear. Lane Bryant for the win...this time around.  I wore this exact blazer and matching pants.  And a kelly green shell.

Though I did not purchase new apparel for my interview I did spring for some new pumps.  My old black pumps looked I tossed them and purchased these lovelies.  

Merona by Target.  29.99 plus 5.00 coupon brought them to 25.00! I win!
These shoes are really comfortable.  Target has them in Leopard and Nude as well.  I might have to spring for another pair!

Until next time...keep it classy. 

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