Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grown and Sexy

Let's be honest.

The world has a fascination with sex but for some reason they assume that we, thick and luscious chicks, are not getting any. I need to let the world know...we have a lot of good sects! (I find the term sects to be hilarious so don't mind me.)

I know that speaking on this publicly  may taboo (the opposite of proper) but we are all doing, have done or will do IT.

With that said City Chic totally gets the level of hotness that I want to bring to my bedroom. 

They have a good selection and they are hitting the mark with what they have.  

City Chic has some things that cinch where I need to be cinched and prop up what I want to stand up. 

I love looking hot for my husband.  And Im glad we have a lot of options to do so these days. Love love love!  

Until next time...keep it sexy! 

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