Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bah Some bug

Im so not in the Christmas spirit. I am not interested in spending money on a gift and I dont care if I receive any or not. Honestly Im so content that I could care less about a day thats been pumped up to be about the economy and not the TRUE SPIRIT. I mean normally Im all into the jesus is the reason fo the season. But its like...ok I know that. How do i make my actions fall in line with my beliefs. Its like I dont feel like I need to go out and try to figure out what gift to get people just because its Christmas and you are supposed to give gifts. Should we be the gifts in our loved ones lives.

I dont know. I guess I should go buy a box of cards to let everyone know Im thinking about them and I wish I could see them.

Maybe the way Im feeling right now has alot to do with the fact that I wont be seeing my family or Q's family AGAIN this holiday season. Im really upset about it in fact. Mostly because Im saving all my money to make it to Melissa's wedding in Barbados. At the end of the day...the money will speak for itself and make the determination on whether Im going or not.

Back to Christmas. I have to work the day after and I know we will be busy with calls from those who got phones for Christmas but have not even so much as looked at the user manual that came with the phone. Ephin dummies. Im such a grinch right now.

This is the first Christmas im NOT looking forward to. So used to be my favorite time of the year.

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