Monday, June 2, 2008


I remember the days my parents would take us to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream. I would always get Mint Chocolate Chip. We would take it outside and sit on the bench and indulge ourselves in the tastes of summer.

I also remember getting a free scoop for my birthday. I would stalk the mail and bug my mother to let me go to the mailbox to see if my free ice cream scoop had arrived. I still stalk the mail in the same way. But for different reasons.

So I was looking for free samples online and came across the Baskin Robbins site (yes I was at work...the wedding planning is over what else am I supposed to do here).

Weeelllll...I learned that I can still get my free scoop! Gotta love that right!!!!! Right! Well it was May 22nd or something so I just put that my birthday was May 25th (its may 19th) and immediately got an email for a free scoop of ice cream. Now I considered defrauding them and putting in a bunch of different email addresses (Lord knows I have a bunch)...but I resisted the urge. I don't need to taste all THIRTY-ONE flavors. Just Butter Pecan. Plus my hubby had gotten me an ice cream need in me being greedy. Yeah my box looked just like the one Brad and Zahara had...i.e. Ice Cream Cakes are sooooo in.

I digress.

I went. I got my free scoop. It was not my normal Butter Pecan. It was York Peppermint Patty. It was delightful. Cool. Minty Goodness. Just like a 'holic I'm getting excited thinking about it. I got to work today and checked my email and I had a coupon for a 31Below, buy one get one free. Its their new frozen treat. It uses their soft serve and its pretty freaking good. Way better than a Blizzard or McFlurry. Me and Q have been abusing Baskin Robbins the past month, but the soft serve machine is down so we were forced to quit cold turkey. Needless to say he told me to give the coupon away. I will hold on to it for now.

All this to say...Baskin Robbins wants us to eat their Ice Cream. They are practically giving it away. So go get some. They have frozen yogurt and sorbet for you "want to be healthier folks".

Item: Scoop of Ice Cream/31 Below
Price: Free/3.49
Purchased at: Baskin Robbins
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Great low price. High Quality. Brings back old memories. Melts in your mouth. Makes you feel better after a rough day.
Cons: I'm the only one here. I cant stop eating ice cream. All the irritating people in the line and their irritating off spring. Quitting cold turkey because the machine is down.


  1. I wonder what your next post is going to be about....Food?

  2. Apparently it is because I'm the only ninja leaving comments.

  3. Well only two people know about it...and since you are my husband you have the pleasure of being one of them. And you aren't the only one leaving me comments.