Saturday, November 15, 2008


Man its been a minute since I have posted. I have no energy when I come home from work. The only thing I manage to is pick up the Playstation 3 controller and play Puzzle Quest. I love this game to death. And when i mention death...I am talking about the death of myself. Quenton and I went out to dinner last night after I got off of work, we got home about 11 and I started playing at about twelve. I played until five thirty or so in the morning. My husband literally had to drag me to bed and I was kicking and screaming. I would still be playing right now at 1:52 in the afternoon had he not! He is playing right now and Im so jealous that he is playing MY game. I want to clunk him up side the head, knock him out and have Puzzle Quest all to myself. But its ok i have my shows to catch up on.

Speaking of my shows. My favorite show of the season has been cancelled. Rest in peace Lipstick Jungle. OMG I am obsessed with it as well. I love watching these high powered fashion forward women wage war in their everyday lives.

I hated Sex and the City and I think that Lipstick Jungle is way better. Sex and the City was overdone and they were not all that fashionable to me. I guess I value matching and looking relatively normal in your own special way. I mean I just wasn't watching Sara Jessica Parker on Sex and the City thinking "OMG she is so cute/hot!" NOT ONCE.

I mean Look at Victory's boots! I would wear the crap out of those like I wear the crap out of my leopard flats. I wear them with everything knowing they don't match but its my thing. Leopard accessories. I have a leopard hardcase for my glasses as well! I am in search for the right leopard belt. I love Victory Ford. And I love that they are all regular women who come from regular backgrounds not all Versace Armani named brand-istas!!!! I mean I can duplicate the looks on my girls on LStckJun (in my size 16) and not look ridiculous going to work or to dinner with my husband.

OK enough of that. I'm sad to see them go but I'm sure another show will capture my heart just like this one did. I mean shucks...shows come and shows go...its the nature of the business.

Finally. I must speak on the atrocity I witnessed Wednesday night. Some of my loyal readership (all two of you) have experienced the evil I speak of. Both of you have read Nanny Diaries (yes Q I just outted you)...but we put the movie on our netflix and that was where the mistake was made. The book was fantastic! I felt a range of emotions during my journey into the lives of a girl who took a job that she was too good for because she needed to (wow I can relate). That is one of my favorite books to this day.

The movie was garbage. From the casting, the acting, the wardrobe. Everything was awful. If I wasn't a lady I would literally doodah all over the movie. (I wanted to use literally in this post in that way so sue me) Their interpretation was wretched. It was a total waste of time and space. I want that hour and thirty minutes of my life back. Its like the script writer had no imagination what-so-ever. Then they had the audacity to steal from one of the all time great movies of our generation Mary Poppins.

I have experienced a lot the past few weeks while I was gone. Mostly a lot of television, video games and food. Man I'm enjoying my life...and my obsession for next week in addition to the others. Experimenting with color.

I'm going to go buy some grey short ankle boots today, either suede or leather. Some opaque tights and at least one cute dress.

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  1. 1. I love you Erica B. for SO many freaking reasons.
    2. Thanks for the heads up about Nanny Diaries, I will steer clear from the movie.
    3. You are too cute for your own good.