Thursday, August 21, 2008

Im Back I Guess

So...I have been MIA. Dont ask me why. I think my desire to goof off at work turned into my desire to get a new job before I ended up being escorted out of the building in handcuffs with a red substance dripping off of my manicured nails (no polish thank you) and splattered on my white birks (I will talk about them at a later date).

I mean I just couldn't take it anymore. And I demn sure couldnt take it for pennys a day. I mean I considered going to work at pizza hut to get out of the situation. I felt like a pigeon being tossed bread...actually it was more like it was being thrown at my head. Ok enough complaining.

I decided to go back to my old job. They welcomed me and my exceptional performance back with open arms and more money. I mean money can't make you happy but seeing the figures in my savings account grow is incentive for me.

I have decided that most of the people in the world hate their jobs but are glad they have one. So I have decided to grow up...stop day dreaming and be an adult. lol...I will have a lot of stories to tell once I get back on the phones. For now it's training...

P.S. I made pound cake last night for desert. The Smith's came over for dinner and Hot Shots Golf. We gave half of it to our drunk/high neighbor tonight...Im sure he will get the munchies later on. That was random...and served no purpose. But what fun is blogging if you can't ramble from time to time! Anyways I wanted you to know I am using the crap out of my Kitchenaid. THANKS MULZACS (and you too Ev)!!!!!

P.S.2. Cunt is the insult of the year (thanks John McCain). My last day is tomorrow. Today we had a faculty meeting. I took my desk chair down to the conference room because my butt is too good to sit on those dusty chairs they have in there already. My boss sits in my chair and I was forced to sit in the back of the meeting making jokes about I did in middle school. She had no idea why some were laughing at awkward times...I hope she didnt fart in my chair.

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  1. you make me laugh. i'm glad you are happier. i want to get out my kitchenaid soon... you've inspired me!