Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Case of the Blahs...

So I have not had any desire to write...or post...or read. I am feeling so...blah (cant think of another word to describe it). I think it has to do with being extremely unfulfilled with regards to my 9-5...or should I call it my 8is-430 on the dot.

I mean no one respects me at all there because most of the faculty is over 60 and Im just a youngin'. But i mean really are we having to argue the fact that 1200 am - 1201 am is one minute apart not 24 hours. And after you finally get it...can I get an apology? ::rollingeyes::

I digress. I made my own bed now I am lying in it.

I made biscuits tonight...yes from scratch. I am soooo over anything that isnt. Its a bad trend though. Bored? Bake something! Luckily I just got Hot Shots Golf on the PS consumes me.

Yesterday I found out that my mother is officially starting dialysis. I was heartbroken. She is on a list to get a kidney transplant. I feel so guilty about not being able to spend time with her because I'm in Nashville. My extra money will be going to plane tickets so I can go home more than once or twice a year, probably every other month. I mean I was with my grandmother from the beginning of her treatment to the end of her life which wasnt very long.

My mother is well aware that I am worried to death and keeps trying to console me by saying "Its not like it used to be technology has advanced in that area." But I still can't help but be concerned. Really it just makes me realize that my parents are aging...and I had better show them all my love now while they are still with me!!!

Oh and the food posts are boring to me now. I mean I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple for lunch and cheese and ritz cracker sfor dinner. Who wants to hear about that in detail!

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  1. i'm sorry to hear about your mom. she is right though -- dialysis has come a long way. don't you hate the guilt that goes with being independent and living your own life?????