Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starting this thing...

So I used to blog all the time...and I stopped for some reason I cant remember at this very moment. Its funny I was supposed to start this the day after Valentines Day. I had this moving post on The Poor Peoples Campaign of 1968. I was going to write about how I and countless other Washingtonians did not even know that people of all races moved to the National Mall and set up a shanty town to protest America's failure to address the poverty in our Country. No this was not last week it was 1968 and they stayed there for roughly 13 rained the whole time and eventually they were removed by force. Google it. It was a beautiful post...with pictures and everything. But I lost it. Or didnt save it. One or the other. So in frustration I said forget it.

So here I am. Ready to write. Ready to post. I have been trying to figure out what I would write about for about a month now. I have no excuses. The wedding has come and gone...April 5, 2008...I became Q's Wife but Im known in our circle as Mrs. QSPN.

Anyways...what to write about. I live in Nashville. I work at Tennessee State University. I am a pretty run of the mill stay at home type of girl.

Excitement to me consist of the feeling I get when I see my husband or know Im going to see him at 4:30 M-F...but you all dont want to hear about that. So moving on...

Excitement to me consist of the feeling I get when something hits my tastebuds and sends me into an orgasmic euphoric daze. Yes...I love food. So that is what I am going to write about. Im done dieting for now. Im going to cook...and eat and let the world in on what I have finally figured is a superhero. I mean Jesus is my savior but food is my superhero.

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  1. can't wait to start reading about your food entries... yum.