Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cough Sniff Sniff Blow

I am so sorry I have been gone for so long!  I have been feeling like crapola...physically, emotionally, even my spirits have been down.  The pollen has attacked me already, and my eyes have been crying a river.

But I look cute doing so.  

This is me the Friday before last, before I got hit with the evil strand of something that has been going around Nashville.  I am loving being natural.  I love my hair...I'm still working on accepting all aspects of it.  Like I love it like this...but this takes some twisting and twirling and drying.  I'm not yet at peace with my fro...or anything of a wash and go variety.  My husband has been begging me to rock it and I think I will debut it for him next week. 

April 5th will be our second wedding anniversary!  I have been shopping for dresses...and I need to work my look around this afro that he is dying to see!  We will be going to Valentino's for sure and staying at Loew's...hopefully.  I'm kind of thinking I want to stay at a cute boutique hotel.  Any suggestions fellow Nashvillians!!!!!!????  

I was tagged to do something and I wrote out what  I was gonna blog.  I'm going to do it next week.  I also missed the wardrobe challenge...because I was busy dragging my butt to work and back home to bed.  I'm sorry...I promise I will be a part of the next one! You will see me get super creative with the black pants and ymca t-shirt I am required to wear to work everyday!  

As you can see in these pics...I decided to wear what  I wanted this particular Friday.  

Have a great week everyone!  I promise at least 4 blog entries this make up for the week I was M.I.A.  May the cute be with you!


  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love, love, love your hair!
    My allergies have been terrible too...esp. today =(
    I hope you're feeling better and have a wonderfilled anniversary!!! =D

  2. You do look great! TWO YEARS YEAAAAAA! thats so awesome. and I love Loews. I cant wait to see anniversary pics.

  3. awe, feel better soon! I hope next time I get a nasty cold, cough, anything, that I look as nice as you do! Gosh!

  4. the cute was with you indeed! ;-) good to hear from u girl ... cant wait to see ure posts like u promised ... hehehe ;-)