Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Chop

So...its been a long week.  Not in a bad way.  I got sick on Friday and even my Airborne couldn't fight back the germs that attacked me and took me out!  I work with kids so I am sure to get my vitamins but...this thing I caught was a BEAST.  Needless to say, I still had to go to work because we are short staffed.

So I have been eating much better.  Getting in my fruits and more veggies.  Eating breakfast EVERY morning before I go to work.

I have also become OBSESSED with Red Grapefruit and Agave Nectar.  It is the business.  instead of eating candy or other junk this week I have been eating my grapefruit with a little of Agave.  The picture is awful but my blackberry gave me quick access to a lens.  I really need to charge my camera.

I have some news.  An update of sorts.  I have been growing my hair out and transitioning to go natural.  I was doing fine with it.  But I got tired of trying to work the two textures and I was anxious to see what my hair's texture would be like with the relaxed ends.  

So I went and got the relaxed ends chopped off...for the most part.  

Once again the pictures are from my blackberry.  My camera's battery is dead.  I'm actually charging it right we speak.  

So thats all thats been going on here with this Curvy Cutie!  I'm going to peruse some blogs and do my 30 Day Shred with Miss.  Michaels!  Later!


  1. I likey.. its really cute! .. and a great smile too.. Honey.. that grapefruit is the wonder drug (for weightloss and germ fighting).. i just got learned of this agave from a coworker.. I need to get some of that too!

  2. Oh thanks! I feel like a new woman with my new hair!

    Girl I have been using Agave as sweetener for everything! Its my new thang. Try it instead of honey!

  3. Will I never learn that eating better makes me feel better? Sigh. I hope you're feeling grrrrrreat soon!

  4. I love your hair! I think it looks GREAT!
    And is that oatmeal in the top pic? What ever it is it looks delicious!!! =D Glad you're feeling better!

  5. umm...WHERE YOU BEEN!!!???!! I'mma beat the brakes off you!!!

    LOVE that you've gone natural...Let me know if you need some help navigating all the information out there!!

    Miss you!


  6. ure hair is adorable! and i need to do that this month ... more fruits, more veggies ... but its so hard!!! hehehe!