Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Satan Disguised as a Yellow Smiley Face

I watched Food Inc last weekend.  Let me just say, I have been changed.  Well I will change next time I go shopping.  I still have chicken and pork chops in the freezer and I'm not throwing them away.  I will be slowly switching to organic on most things.  

The thing is I live in Madison and Trader Joe's and Whole Foods is soooo far away!  Remember when I lived on Florida Avenue and could walk to Whole Foods!   I digress.  I shop at Publix so I will just scoot on down to the organic side of the isle.  

I do have a complaint.  I hate Walmart.  Everyone that knows me knows that  I despise the place.  There was a part of the movie where the guy from Stoneyfield Farms said that they were working with Walmart and Walmart was bringing more organic foods...and this and that and the other.  So I foolishly went to Walmart after work to get a few things.  MOST specifically Chobani Greek Yogurt.  I love this stuff.  With fruit and a drizzle of honey/agave.  I digress.

I went into Walmart to get it and they didn't have it.  They didn't even have Oikos Greek Yogurt (which I don't like but would've settled for).  They has some Yo-Plus but that is NOT what I wanted.  So I decided not to spend any more of my money in Walmart on food.  They claim to be the "Great Value"...but cheap doesn't equate to value.  Whats valuable is being healthy right!  Do I really want that cheap chicken and beef.  At what cost am I willing to turn a blind eye to their antics.  I mean how come Great Value spaghetti is 1.30 cheaper than the rest!  What corners is WALMART cut their bottom line and deliver such a Great Value!  Stop being TRICKSY WICKED AND FALSE WALMART!  (Lord of the Rings Reference)


I just don't appreciate how these big corporations are putting small farmers and businesses OUT of business. I hated how the farmers were forced to compromise quality in order to make a living for themselves...which was barely a living.

I also dont appreciate that the apples I bought were disgusting.  How is an apple...better yet FIVE apples...gonna taste like poo.  So I bid you farewell...super Walmart's food side.  My money wont be spent on food there.  And I will continue to complain about horrible you are!   


  1. That movie is eye-opening, isn't it??? I love a fancy grocery store more than a fancy department store but it is irritating how expensive organics can cost.

  2. I totally feel you. The rotten produce you find is ridiculous!

  3. Wow, I guess I need to see that movie.