Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bunny's Banana Bread & A Ramble

I need a doctor.  Stat.  I cannot seem to find one in Nashville that I like.  In the past four months I have seen three different doctors.  The first one was an idiot.  Well not really...he was all about the money and leaving you waiting for twenty five minutes AFTER you got to the examination room (after having waited for 20 minutes in the lobby).  Don't waste my time.  Gosh.  The second...took all of these tests and blood samples from me...only to loose my test results and not half way remember why I was there to see her in the first place.  She also kept me waiting for an insane amount of time.  Then there is the third doctor.  I liked him alot and apparently so does everyone else and their mama.  When we had the flu...they couldnt see us for a month.  And now they do not have an open appointment in the morning until March 22. What.  Stop playing.

So needless to say.  Im irked and in need of a doctor.  So I called yesterday to see if i could get my test results.  They were not there.  I called today...they are out of the office. I just want copies of my crap so I can go somewhere else.

Where?  I dont know yet.

On a brighter....more colorful note.

Banana Bread.  Its not that great in my opinion.  I actually think it is rather...meh.  That is until I happened upon Bunny's Blog!  Bunny Baby...Where have you been all my life with this Banana Cream Cheese Bread recipe! 

Thats the close up!  Can you see the cream cheese swirl in there. I'm not playing.  You MUST make this banana bread.  It is the BEST I have ever had.  And we know I love food!

My swirl was a little off...and I added more sugar because it wasn't sweet enough for me.  But I need things super sweet.  I forgot to add nuts to my recipe but I will not make that mistake again!

That's all I've got folks!  Until the next time...


  1. I checked that recipe and I am definitely gonna try it. It looks really easy.. and tasty ofcourse.

  2. oooh!!! thats sounds soooo good. ill try to make it this weekend! banana with cream cheese? shut it down!

    and girl, i dont like any drs ... hehehe! i hope u find a good one soon!

  3. i haven't seen my doctor in ages either. whoops!

    && I LOVE banana bread so I MUST try this. OMG i'm craving all sorts of sweets and this isn't helping!

  4. You're trying to kill me ;) ? I love banana cakes ! I discovered them when I was staying in the US and I'm missing them so bad !!! xoxo