Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dom Diva

Heck Yeah!  I need a Hot Haute Hostess Apron!  STAT!

Don't you want one! I mean what better way to dance around the kitchen!

So I went to the website Haute Hostess Aprons and surprisingly the owner and creator, Elizabeth Scokin is based in Nashville! Whuuuh! I wonder if she works out at the YMCA downtown.  (Why is that my first thought...talk about nutzo.)    I have the perfect brooch to wear with it!

Truth be told...it probably doesn't even come in plus sizes!  I know you are thinking that there is no such thing with aprons but um yes there is.  I just looked on the site and it said "One size fits most."  Haahaa....::straightface::  She couldn't just add a little more material on for is in the 16+ category.  I'd model it for her for free!  Me and all of my boobs and gut and hips and legs!  I'm so serious.  Whatever.  I'm not even going to get on the the soap box for this one.

I might make one of these bad boys myself...

Until then...may the cute be with you.


  1. They ARE cute, but are they expensive? Since I don't cook, don't really know if I'd want one, well heck why not, I'd wear it to wash the dished. Too bad I have no one to model it for....Booo hooo....

  2. OMG, how chic are those??? LOVE!

  3. oooh! i do too! super adorable!