Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Overload

So Valentine's Day totally much as it could on a Sunday.  We went to church of course...and had planned to cook dinner together...rosemary thyme lamb shanks to be exact.  However...not a lamb shank could be found in the area.  We scoured grocery stores and didn't have time or patience after that to find a butcher.  Soooo we ended up going out to dinner.

We then had dessert.  Which was a gross strawberry cheesecake from Publix.  What were we thinking.  We are so much better than that.  I wont attempt to get my rich decadent dessert fix from Publix EVER again.

My hubby surprised me with a surprise flower delivery on Sunday after church.  I thought he didn't do anything.  Then he asked me if I was okay with the fact that we were just cooking dinner.  And me being the jerk face that I am...told him exactly how I felt about not even getting as much as a card (in a nice respectful way mind you).  All of this in the car on the way home from church.  Haaha!  Then we got home and ::knockknockknock::  Special Delivery for the Douche Queen.

It was the cutest hot pink pink red and lilac arrangement with a little lavendar sprinkled in.

I am all Valentined out.  We had a party at Fun Company on Friday...the same day I got an unannounced visit from my DHS Counselor.  Its all good...everything was in order.  The party must go on...and it did!

This is the only Valentine I got from my kids! Can you believe it! They obviously hate my guts.

I gave these bags to the kids...and these Cat in the Hat cards.  Super Cute!

We also made Valentine"s Day gifts for ALL of the  teachers and principal at Hermitage Elementary School.  We hand delivered each one and the kids had a sign that said...

"Who needs a big chocolate heart, when you can have a big healthy heart.  Happy Healthy Valentine's Day"

They love it...I hope.  Apple, Granola bar and Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts. 
Finally.  Great news.  I cleaned off the desk in my classroom.  Yay!  


Signing off!  Enjoy the stale crunch snow!


  1. very cute blog! thats a great idea for the teachers! how cute!

    and thanks for following my blog. i REALLY APPRECIATE it.

    love and blessings,

  2. I would totally be mad about getting a gross dessert :( So sorry! I loved your v-day story :)

  3. I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY! So glad your hubby came through.

  4. I Hate Valentines Day, even when I was married, or dating I hated it (not to rain on your parade or anything), But I am glad you had fun.