Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being Well

For real Sarah Palin.  I mean...are you really enticing people to revolt.  ::shakingmyhead::

I try not to make political statements on my blog, but I cannot resist saying this one thing.  If the haves in this country cared more about the have nots, the United States of America would be a much better place. And I don't mean just saying "I care." or throwing a dollar a homeless person's way.  There is no positve way to say that Im dissappointed and disgusted by the behavior of my fellow countrymen...where is your dignity and couth.

Two of many golden nuggets of wisdom The Dalai Lama has dropped in our laps apply to the political climate in our country right now:

To meet the challenge of the century, human beings will have to step up into universal responsibility.

If u have a sense of caring 4 others, u'll manifest strength in spite of all ur problems and difficulties.

That is all.    ::stepsoffsoapbox::

I don't have much to say.  I have been eating extremely well!

Must have veggies ONLY in my homemade marinara.  No sugar in this batch of goodness...I put it on top of some whole wheat pasta.

I have been on a corn kick this week.  I made a salad with romaine, corn, strawberries and tomatoes.  Weird combo huh?  Well it was FAB with the balsamic dressing I made.  Do you have any idea how well strawberries and balsamic vinegar go together!   Get a clue.  

I discovered something so wonderful today...I had to share it.  I stumbled across the idea while stalking vegan blogs. They have been giving me ideas on food prep for this fruit and veggie thingy I'm doing.  

So I chopped up some apples, and sauteed them in coconut oil.  I use this stuff for EVERYTHING.  I use it on my skin, hair and I cook with it.  It's fantastic!

Then I sprinkled them with cinnamon.  After they were cooked to my liking, I added some whole grain brown rice to the pan.  I mixed it all up and added some apple sauce.  Natural.  No sugar is going into my body unless it comes straight from fruit.  

It was so fast and easy.  Tomorrow, I am doing the same thing but I am using a banana and some strawberries.  Its like a rice porridge but not really. 

I will leave you with this:

One of my students gave it to me this afternoon.  And another kid/hater/future tea party member yells out, "Its a weed!"   Well I was so grateful for the thought, I hugged the giver and wore it in my hair!  I'm sharing it with you all!  Your gifts may be weeds to others...but go ahead and give them anyway.  


  1. That last one looked really yummy! You've made me hungry! :) Aww, you've touched me! What a lovely gesture by wearing the little flower in your hair. I'm sure you really made that child's day :)

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  3. i dont want to be all political too ... but seriously ms. palin, REALLY?!?

    ill take the "weed". ure a true BLESSING to ure students!

    and strawberries and balsamic vinegar .. yes girl, shut it down!

  4. i love corn in everything too.

  5. Im baaaaaackk. I think Dandelions are beautiful flowers.

    Good luck with the veggitarian vegan thing your working on, I couldn't do it.I love chicken and seafood too much... But it sounds like you are doing really well with it and enjoying it as well. So that is all that really counts.

  6. Corn and strawberries, huh? You are intriguing me.