Monday, March 22, 2010

A Positive times a Negative is a Negative

Yes. I survived,  Barely.  Spring Break is over, thank God.  I was so happy to pull up to Hermitage Elementary I almost locked my keys in the car.

Soooo...tonight I made Collard Greens with NO meat.  Yes people.  I did and they were fabulous.  I also had oven roasted potatoes. Word on the street is that I have only eaten fruit, vegetables and brown rice for the past seven days.  Word on the street is that I am feeling really good.  I feel light and wonderful.  I am in a much better mood.  Im not hungry all the time, or thinking about what I am going to eat.  An apple is fine.  Some strawberries.  My own homemade salad dressing...or the sugar free balsamic vinnie one I found (and have been carrying in my purse) are super flavorful.  The veggie stir fry and veggie fried brown rice...was divine.  I am having sooooo much fun with this whole thing!

I was talking to my younger sister today and she said that she is going to go ten days without saying anything negative to or about anyone.  I am jumping on the bandwagon.  Starting tomorrow, only positive things will spring forth from my lips.  I'm not going to tell my husband, I'm just going to show him something different.  He will think my body has been taken over by aliens.

I'm just really trying to work on myself.  I want to be the best Erica possible, and this will help me realize that I don't always have to say something sarcastic or crap on someones parade.  Even if it is funny.  It willl help me to empower someone else with a kind word, rather than throwing negative gunk into the world.

Do any of you think you could go ten days without saying anything negative?


  1. I do! I know you can do it!!! =D
    It's so awesome that you're feeling so great! Keep it up sweetie!!!

  2. glad to hear ure feeling fab, thats a great challenge! gotta try that one!

  3. i want to try that too! i get to see you in a month!