Monday, March 15, 2010

The Break

It's finally here!  Spring Break!  Oh how I longed for it to get here!  Oh how I longed for this day to come!  But alas...I am working during Spring Break.  Fun Company is open when school is closed and parents have to work.  Oh joy.

So this morning I picked myself up by the collar and rolled into Tulip Grove Elementary at 6:30 in the morning.  By 8:30 seventy children from the ages of 5 to 10, were running around the cafeteria.  Let me just say...the average person could not have done it and stayed sane.

Oh but my saving grace was the awareness that I would be leaving by noon.  Yes,  Noon.  Normally I get scheduled to work from 12:30 pm until 6:00 or whenever the late parent arrives (I have been there as late as 6:35).   Nothing the kids did seemed to phase me...for a change.  Normally I am exhausted by the time the last child leaves on "all day's" and I go home and fall in the bed.  Not today! I went grocery shopping and even managed to cook my hubby a nice steak dinner with green beans!

Go me!

So tomorrow is another day, that will be full of many challenges.  But it is ok...all of the struggles I will over come will occur before noon so I am at peace right now!

I will be coming home to Maryland on April 30th, we must do a bloggers get together when I get home!  Let's work it out ladies!


  1. Count me in for the blogger get together.

  2. Absolutely!! I would love to get together...