Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beach Cruiser

Sooo....we are moving to Hermitage!  I am really excited because  I will be within walking distance from the school I call myself working at.  I rarely work...I play a lot (basketball and dodge ball), do a bunch of arts and crafts, and play games like connect four.  I digress.  My husband made a suggestion the other night that I get a bike!  So I sent him an email of the the bike I wanted to get.

Are they the cutest things you have ever seen???!  I want one of them.  I don't know whether to go for the mint green and brown or the pink and black.  What do you think?

Yeah well my husband comes back and says that he thinks I should get a mountain bike.  ::confusedlook::  Of course my response was something along the lines of a mountain bike not being as cute as a bike of the cruiser variety.
Needless to say, Im not feeling it.  But Q made his point by saying that the area we will be moving has a few hills and I will need the more than a single speed to get to the YMCA to work out OR to Target if I want to get out and he has the car (we only have one and we bond in it lol).  

I'm still torn.  Maybe the hills won't be too bad with my single gear bike.   Who here rides bikes and can help me with this!!!!????  Talk to me!!!!


  1. I dont ride bikes that often.. but i always go for the more fashionalbe choice ( and then suffer the consequences later, lol).. I pink the pink and black one!

  2. I love my beach cruiser! I had a mountain bike before (got stolen!) this one but I really like the cruiser better. Part of it is vanity like you - I wanted something cute and not clunky. But you should look at the areas where you will be riding and see if you really need a Mountain bike to navigate.

    As for color, I am ALL ABOUT PINK so I am a little partial. My cruiser is a Pink Schwinn which I got at Sears for about $150.

  3. I love the pink and black bike, so cute!

  4. no wonder i dont get updates from u .... cuz i wasnt a follower (dumb me) ... now i am! yay! those bikes are SOOOOO cute. i WANT one too! my fave is the black and pink one of course! ;-)