Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too Cool for School

I didn't wear green today.  I wore my dumb uniform.  I hate it.    However I realized the kids were gonna pinch me when they started arriving this morning.  So I threw together a green necklace made of plastic beads.  I was careful NOT to make a pattern but to just throw the beads on in a haphazard manner.  Funky Chic...I say.

It's still Spring Break and all of our sites are dumped into one school.  So we have 60-70 kids at one site.  Then we have 2 directors and 2 site assistants working so that we can be in ratio (adult:child).  So yesterday was very zoo was much better.  Except the kids kept saying, "you got served" and "you got burned".  I was like, "nobody even says that any more, its soooo played out".  But they don't care because they are kids and they think they are cool.  Too cool for school.

I want to be too cool for school.  All of my friends in blog land are too cool for ladies rock.  Also into the category of "rocking" Im going to place Lucie Lu a plus sized online retailer that fellow blogger BBM highlighted on a recent blog! They have some cute things.  I have so many options this Spring and Summer, more than I did last year.  My cute factor is going to be off of the chart this year!  Oooooooow!

So here are some pieces that I am feeling!

I could wear this scarf every day...if I didn't have to wear this ugly YMCA t-shirt.  Actually Im going to rock this with my uniform.  Why not?!

You cannot go wrong with jeans and these two numbers!

I love love love skirts in the spring and summer.  My husband prefers skirts to dresses as they accentuate my shape better...I dress them up with a tank and lots of neck ornaments or dress them down with a graphic tee and sandals.

I would love to wear this dress to my brother's wedding!  I'm the wedding coordinator and this dress looks super comfortable!  I would belt it with a gold thin cute little ditty.  It's $62.00 and I probably wont be able to afford to buy it and our plane tickets...but a girl can dream!

I love this collection. 

That's all for now! Signing off...Too Cool For School!  


  1. Great picks! I saw Lucy Lu on Nik's blog today too. I need to go and check it out :)

  2. cute outfit imaginations! and ure the cutest teacher i know!

  3. I was really checkin for some of those tops too..cute!