Thursday, December 23, 2010

BBM''s Blogger Secret Gift Exchange 2010

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

A few days ago, I was in the kitchen preparing to go to work when these lovely boxes were delivered. 

The funny thing is, as soon as I got the box and looked at the address I knew exactly who had gotten my name in the gift exchange!

Before I go into detail about the giver of my gifts, let me give you all some background information.  Literal Gemini and I go way back.  When I say way back I don't mean ten years, even fifteen, heck we go back to a little nursery school in Glen Dale, Maryland by the name of ABC Early Learning Center.  Yes, that  far back!  She is my oldest and one of my dearest friends!  Through the years our families have moved to different parts of Maryland but we came together in 1998 as Freshman at Howard University, by happenstance.

Get up and WALK!  (Inside joke. Puhaaha!)

I have always admired her tenacity and intelligence.  She has so many qualities that I always wished I had one ounce of.   If I had a little bit of her stick withitness...I might be able to pick a job or career field and be successful at it.  But I digress this is a happy post.  Back to Literal Gem...her name fits her perfectly she is a gem and has a really big heart.  And that is why I love her!

Even though we find ourselves once again separated by distances large and wide, I thank God for the blogging community, it allows me to see her and keep up with her and that is really important to me! 

Okay, okay, okay...I will stop with the sappy trip down memory lane.  I will get on with the gifts! 

So I opened the first box and what did I find!

Exactly what  I wanted!  Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!  I am out of town but you KNOW as soon as I get back to Nashville I am cracking this baby open and going to WORK!  I have been wanting this since March and for whatever reason did not get it.  Now I have it!  Yay!

I was jumping up and down at this point.  She could have stopped at that, but she didn't!  Because she rocks!

I went on to the next box, and what did I find!!!!  

At this point, I was jumping up and down and screaming.  My husband was looking at me like I was a fool.  He was digging the gifts, especially the gloves.  I was so excited.  I put the gloves on immediately.  Of course I started snapping photos.  Of course.

Hmmmm....can't see the ruffle detailing.  Must take more photos.

 Ahhhh yes!  That's much better!  They are perfect!  But there was more Holiday deliciousness!   A lollipop AND lip gloss!  She knows me so well she didn't get me lipstick...she got me lip gloss because that's all that I wear!  Peppermint! 

I have got to say, this Blogging Secret Gift Giving Diva stuck to the level of fabulousness she exists in on a regular basis...and I am truly thankful for the gifts!  Thanks Gem!  Also thank you BBM for thinking to do this gift exchange, I have seen it done on other blogs and wanted to do one forever! Now I have! 

Wonder when my giftee is going to get and open hers...I forgot to put a card in the box but my name is on it!  Im sure Im the only blogger in the exchange in Tennessee!

P.S. I am home in Maryland and I am so happy to be here!