Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Madness

I had a blast of a weekend baking a million cookies for the holidays.  I planned on doing four different types but decided to nix one because I wanted to stick with the classic holiday flavors, to appeal to even the simplest palettes.  Oh but then I threw in game changer!  I will get more into that on a different post!

I went about the cookies the same way I go about looking fabulous when I step out!  I went to Avenue this weekend, and even though they didn't have the boots I wanted, I still scored!

I got these cute shoes for 17.96 and this ruffle clutch for 6.96!  Ruffles are a theme and I feel like I embody the holiday spirit with this plaid top I got from Cato last fall!  I have been looking for a red tartan plaid blouse but haven't found one cute enough!  I'm still looking though!  I also got my hosiery from was 40% off of 5.00.  We plus sized ladies know how hard it is to find good stockings at a reasonable price!  

I'm trying to start modeling like BBM....she is my idol!  I'm also trying to post more OOTD posts like my other idols Literal Gem and Mrs. Hall so be on the look out.  I wear a stupid uniform everyday to work but once I get a new job, hopefully I wont have to!  (Yes I'm still on the hunt.)

Some of my other Avenue purchases over the past week.  (Yes they know me in there, by name!) 

These are the booties Im wearing above!

And these are replacing my favorite brown cowboy boots.  I had to throw the old ones away over the Thanksgiving holiday.  They were literally falling apart!  

I plan on doing several posts this week because I have so much to share.  Im looking feverishly for my camera that I can upload better pics.  Until then it will be crappy blackberry camera pictures!


  1. I really like the purse! I got a very similar one for a friend for Christmas this year! :)

  2. What a cute clutch! I love it!

  3. Will you post your present already, you made me think it got lost in the mail!! :-)

  4. i am no model nor idol girl! lol! u need to do more OOTDs! you look GREAT my friend!