Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Christmas is right around the corner.  I am extremely excited because I will be traveling to Maryland to spend a week with my family.  My older brother and his wife has a baby girl in October and my younger sister had a baby girl in November in addition to my one year old nephew!  I miss my family so much and can not wait to see everyone and hug my mom and dad.

Our plane tickets were so expensive my husband and I had to sell blood and organs to pay for them.  LOL Needless to say the gifts  I wanted to buy myself and my husband wont be purchased any time soon.  Either way there are some small things I want that come in under the $20.00 range, which is extremely affordable!

I have been stalking these boots on the Avenues website!  They are only 24.99 and with the promo code AV101170 they are 40% off making them 14.99!   Its such a good price you can rush delivery if need be!  Checkmate!  (Size 9 1/2)

I adore this dress!  It is at The Avenue as well and would go great with some black tights!  If ordering one item you can get 40% off of this little baby and any fashionista would love it! (Size 20)

This would go great under a blazer and the riding boots I'm getting myself from The Avenue.  It would be a great accessory to my Afro!  (2XL)

This is so cute!  Rub knit cardigan! 15.80 as Forever 21 Plus!    The first one is 22 and the second is 24.  I know they are over 20 but someone in my family may be lurking.  Like husband! 

Pier 1 Imports...isnt this the cutest thing you have ever seen!

Max. Brenner or anywhere for that matter, I'm not picky on this one!  I have been dying for a fondue set!

Vegan Cupcake Cookbook.
I am a pescetarian meaning the only meat I eat is fish.  I would like to get into vegan baking though.  I have been eying this book!
  This list isn't complete...but i have to go to work. I will be back to add more to the gift list!


  1. Your giving your secret santa lots to think about, HAHA. I wonder what your gonna get. I wonder what I'm gonna get. This is exciting I can't for my person to open their presents. I am ready to mail them but I don't want them to get it to soon so I might mail them next week. Have you gotten your gifts yet??

  2. I am so sorry to hijack ur christmas post but ur hair IS looking fantastic!! I luv it!