Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold Cutie (FACT)

Fact: The blog you are now reading is the best blog you have or will ever read.  (Inspired by Dwight Schrute)

Sunday afternoon, after I finished am online final exam, I looked up to see snow falling.  Now, I live in Nashville and snow is not something I have seen often since moving here in 2005. 

Knowing what I know about this city's reaction to snow, I knew that the kids would be out of school for the next two days.  Which means I would be working one of those days, and be off the other!  Well right now I am enjoying my day off!  I took my fourth of six final exam and now I am waiting for my hubby to get off of work!

Why hello there!  Heeeelllloooooo! Helllllllloooohhh! 

I'm staying healthy by taking plenty of vitamins.  By plenty I mean I eat them like gummy bears.  by the handful.  Don't judge.  They taste delicious! I know you are thinking, "you fool!  you are hurting yourself by taking too many vitamins!"  But really.  Think about that statement. 

If i were to eat all the fruits and vegetables one could possibly ingest in a day...would I be hurting myself.  Eating just one is hurting myself!  I promise you...if you pop five of these babies a day and three or four vitamin C chewables...you will be feeling and looking as good as I do!

On another totally non related issue...I got my Secret Blogger and she is sooo adorable!  I love her sense of style and and her price awareness!  She doesn't know it but we have a lot of the same items of clothing!  I'm not telling who she is yet!  I'm not!  Oh no!

I have a few projects on the horizon for this week:
  • Make several different pound cakes and figure out which one is going to be my signature.
  • Exercise three times this week.
  • Finish shopping, wrapping and sending Secret Santa gift.
  • Waste countless hours watching The Wire
  • Start working on button earrings.  First up leopard print.
  • Get my vitamins nad minerals.
  • Share more FACTS with those around me. 

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