Friday, December 17, 2010


I am so glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of BBM's Secret Blogger Gift Exchange! (click link to left for more details)  It was fun shopping for a stranger!  Here is the tissue paper that I wrapped all of her goodies in!

My process in shopping for this already fabulous lady was to stalk her blog.  I went back as far as i possibly could to gauge her style, and there were a few pieces that I thought would be great staples in her already delicious wardrobe!  I know the limit was twenty bucks...but I mean really!   No honestly I was able to stay close to that and that is what made the adventure so much more fun!

Last night I happened to go to Target and I found the cutest bags in the dollar bins!  I wanted to eat them they were so adorable!  So I snatched one up, I knew that my giftee would LOVE it like I did!  I was also sure to get busy tissue paper because I love the look of things that don't go together being put together!

I am really excited to give this gift!  I love giving even more than receiving, I mean that is what the Holiday Season is really all about!  Not only giving gifts but being a gift to others!

Of course I had to add some freshly baked treats to the bag!  Candy cookies!  One is filled with Reese's Pieces and the other with mini M&M's!  I only put two in the bag because I don't know if my Bloggers is watching her sugar intake for the holidays! 

Aha the finished product!  All ready to be mailed out!  My hubby runs the mail room for United Methodist Communications so he will be shipping this baby out today!  If I send it through regular mail it will be en route tomorrow, if I ship it UPS it will not start moving until Monday.  But at least I know it will get there!  UPS it is!

Secret Santa on the move!


  1. how fun !!! and i want those cookies!

  2. I love Blogger gift exchanges. I've gotten some really neat stuff over the years through Blogger swaps. And Target's dollars bins are my BFF.

  3. Fun!! I got my gift over the weekend.. it was so exciting to open a gift from someone I had never met!

    PS- have fun on vacation in Maryland :)