Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So here we are in 2011!!! I'm doing my first post of the year from my iPod touch and it's pretty cool to be posting from the comfort of my bed. Let's face it, it takes a lot to move me. This is a big deal. This takes away any excuses I have made in the past for failing to update this blog.

With that said, I have some plans for this space! Today I went on eBay to scout out a USB chord to replace the one I have misplaced in my house. I also looked into getting a tripod. My goal is to do more outfit of the day posts. Hopefully my new job will not force me to wear dusty black pants and a frumpy red shirt. Hopefully I will be able to discover my inner fashionista again. Chic is on a budget though and needs to start thrifting! Oh and I have not secured this job yet, it's my faith working. Im just speaking what I know is going to happen and doing what I need to do to secure the deal. (See goals for the week.)

So with all of these new ways to stay connected, all of my camera accessories and a renewed sense to do somethings I have made up in mind must be done...2011 seems to be full of promise!

This weeks goals:

Exercise three times this week
Look into joining nashville's local CSA
Spend no money eating out cook all meals
Cut negativity in half
Clean up one room in my house everyday
Clean my crap out of my car
Send out twenty resumes

Ok lovelies...have a magnificent Monday!!!!!

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