Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hulu Voodoo

So...the tables have turned!

As long as I have known my husband and we have spent money together he has done the balancing.  I spend the money and he manages it.  I tell you...I was living the life!  So...he gets stressed and tells me that I need to do the balancing and paying of the bills so that I can understand and value our money more!

Let me tell ya!  I have gone crazy with power!


I hope i can do a good job, i really want to!  I know it seems so lame but I'm deriving great satisfaction from doing this!

Which brings me to this...

HULU is the bomb.  I'm so serious!  We wanted to cut down on our monthly expenses by fifty bucks a month so we had to either take the internet off of our blackberries OR go down to basic cable.  Well I cannot live without the internet on my phone nor can I part with blackberry messenger.  So the cable had to go.

Enter Hulu.  I have been able to watch Tough Love, and It's All About Pep.  I can't watch Keeping up With the Kardashians BUT I found House Husbands of Hollywood and that makes up for it.

Speaking of House Husbands. I wouldnt want one.  Mostly because I am a domestic diva and I'd hate for my husband to be all up in my domain and in my kitchen when I am trying to bake something!

Would you rather be a house wife OR have a house husband???


  1. definitely housewife!!! i love hulu too. we don't even have cable -- our tv is only used for movies!

  2. I live in Canada so I can't get on hulu. Boo for me. I'd rather be a housewife, even though that goes against my 'independent woman' thing.

  3. I'm a housewife. :) (or stay at home mother) I like it, but would like my hubby to try it out for a week. Maybe then he'd realize its not so easy.

  4. For some reason I can't get comfortable with the whole house husband thing.