Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

I wish you all lots of cuteness in 2010!!!  I have so much planned for next year...Im actually really ready to get  started.  One day at a time though.

Here is a pic of Mr. and Mrs. QSPN on New Years.  We brought in 2010 at our church of course...Pathway Christian Center!

So I don't do New Year Resolutions.  I dont believe in them.  It is always a set up for me to let myself down.  Rather I just start doing out of the blue.  I have been talking about running but I only ran like five times then I stopped working out regularly all together.  Which I do need to work on...but  I WILL work on it and take things one day at a time. I'm committed to that.

I started a diet but then the holidays came.  I mean my mother in law was in town and she made Strawberry Cobbler...Yeast Rolls and Dressing.  I mean come on. STRAWBERRY COBBLER!!!

But I dont feel bad about making the choice to eat those things.  I feel strong in that decision...and even stronger in my decision to choose something else. Which is to go back to my low carb way of eating, I mean I had so much more energy and was a lot happier.  And while all those carbs tasted so good while I was eating them, there is no denying how I felt physically a little while later.  Which is why I welcome my bacon and eggs for breakfast with open arms!

No matter what happens...I will not live in guilt and shame.  I will move forward and be content with who I am knowing that this awesome woman is shaping the even more awesome woman I will be in the future!!!

Signing off...May the Cute be with you!