Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Best I Ever Had

I was just perusing random new blogs and was reminded of something I saw Sunday night.  So JEWL posted about how her Sig was watching this show...that I too happened to be watching on Food Network.

Wait.  Stop.  Rewind.

We all know I am trying to lose weight.  Why pray I insist on watching The Food Network?  Why?  Is like trying to stab myself in the eye.  Fail.  Fail.  Fail.  Alot of the recipes actually suck.

But I digress.

So I had seen glimpses of this particular show and I dont need to watch that...but I do.  So I after Tough Love on VH1 went off and nothing else was on...I tuned in to this show. It was awful and treacherous...and delicious and perfect...and wrong and heaven and hell...mostly heaven.

Yeah thats what its called.  The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  It has all the Food Network Personalities and Chefs talking about...well the best thing they have ever eaten.  And they had categories like - pizza, barbecue, sweets...etc etc etc.  The thing is it came on back to back for three hours.

I watched all three hours.  It was as close as I could get to all that awesomeness and not eat it.  It was a gift...and a curse.

Why do I constantly think about food?  Besides the fact that I watch Food Network and surf the net for recipes and food blogs...I really LOVE food.  In fact I am addicted to food and I know this.  Wait a minute Im rambling.  Get to the point Erica.

The point is.  This show is ridiculous.  Why should I care what the best thing they ever ate is...I dont even know them.  More importantly them saying what I should eat when I go to a particular city and dine out and whats best doesnt hold merrit just because they are on television.  I want to hear what real everyday people think!  Whats the best thing you ever ate?  

By the way if you have time to waste go on over to...Food Network Humor.  This site is HILARIOUS!   Its all about mocking The Food Network.  Because we all know even though we love the "food" the personalities are something all together different.  i.e. Rachael Ray and her irritating laugh...the way she says EVOO...acts like garlic simmering in butter is the closest she has been to being aroused in a lifetime...etc.etc.etc. So yeah go check it out...


  1. I am guilty of watching the Food Network as well. I don't know why I do, or how I manage to always stumble across the channel, but I do, and all I think about it how pissed I am that I can't eat what they're making. I think I need help, lol.

  2. Hey girl. Thanks for the shout out on your blog. I'm lovin' it!

    OMG Food Network is the death of me. . . seriously. I should have the cable company remove it from my tv!

    I wouldn't even know what the best thing I've ever eaten is. All I know is, I've eaten A LOT! :(

    Have a great weekend!


  3. The Food network sucks me in for HOURS. And if I'm watching it at night I always have to eat a snack with it. It's so bad. Ah ha ha

  4. i watch it AT THE GYM. who does that? i've given up pretending that i'm not obsessed with food. i am and will always be!

  5. I have to agree with the other comments. The Food Network is very addictive as is the food that they show. That show "The Best I Ever Had" is so good. I think I have watched every episode and the best is hmmm either PIZZA or BACON!!! (I know thats pretty bad). But I have accepted the fact that I am a "foodie" .. I love to eat good food and if it taste nasty, i dont like to waist my time.