Friday, June 26, 2009

Me Fat and Fabulous

Soooo one of my new most favoritest blogs Young Fat and Fabulous had totally opened my eyes to the choices that are out there for me...and my wanna be fashionista self.

Granted I am not the stiletto wearing, attention grabbing type. Im more the low key, not really trying yet stunning type but whatever I am or choose to be on any given day is alright...better than alright actually...more like FABULOUS. I mean the thing I love about the Fat and Fabulous community is that they appreciate and celebrate everyone and understand that there is room for us all!

So Im really excited about getting back into my size 16's soon and just being healthy and in shape (not skinny because its just not me). I know it seems like all I talk about is my weight. Well its just that I have a lot of cute stuff, all of it this size, and I'm going to wear it again!

I mean I have been struggling my whole life to find peace in my own body. Even though my husband tells me how sexy I am all day every day, I still struggle. So when my mom tells me she thinks I need to lose weight, and I end up snapping back with tears running down my face, "that Im trying but its really hard" it helps to find a community that accepts and is aware of the struggle associated with being a plus sized woman in this society. Ok enough with my sob story. ::hopsofsoapbox::

With that said.

Isnt this whole neon thing so cute. I feel as though I am too old to wear it but the shoes and tops I would definitely wear. Lucky I dont look my age anyways!


  1. Go for the neon!! It's summer and so fun!! You'll look great! ;)

  2. The best thing about trends is that you can take them and make it your own to match your own style. I haven't bitten on to the neon yet, I'm waiting for the right item. Let us know if you end up getting anything!