Saturday, June 6, 2009

Too Lazy for Words...

I thought I was ready...but Im not. Im twenty nine and was sick with baby fever. But Im really lazy. Like I dont want to do anything but sit around all day watching HGTV and Keepin' Up With the Kardashians!

I tell myself its because I dont want to be invested in this part of my life. The time to suck it up and make sacrifice and start working hard like I NEVER have part. The living up to my potential part. The part where I get it together start figuring out what Im going to do knowing that I dont have what it takes to get stuck in my current dead end job.

I did laundry two weeks ago...but I put all the clothes back in the basket and the rest on the big chair. Now I folded everything up. But why didnt I take a minute to put it away. Why am I sitting here right now...looking at it. Why do I have no intention what so ever of putting it away and getting my room together. I want to throw away all of my clothes so I dont have to wash them and put them away. The crazy part about it all is my husband could care less that I am a horrible housewife. Im sucking right now and feel like I need to step my game up...but I wont.

Knowing that I have all these clothes...why am I thinking about going to the mall to see what else I can find. Whats wrong with me. Am I depressed or something. Maybe our cruise in July will be the pick me up I need to get it together. We will see.

I need a pedi...its been two weeks. Im going to do that now. See ya laterz.

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