Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in Business Bay-bee

Target. Who knew. Go figure.

Went to my local Target this weekend. I went to get Q a King Sized CRUNCH Bar. I walked in the door and decided to go to the Women's (plus sized) section even though I had a feeling I'd be disappointed yet again. So I'm walking to the back thinking "There so wont be anything back here..."

And then there was.

They had Maxi Dresses and Jeans and Cute Tops and the bathing suit I wanted online and had planned on ordering but didn't want to deal with the "what if it doesn't work and I have to send it back" issue. Oh they had skirts and more cute tops.

Well I hope this is not a temporary thing. I can pass the word on to my other curvy bodacious chics that Target is doing better so we can shop there again (even though I never really stopped).

Funny how now that I am working out all the time and have lost five pounds (and counting) Target decides to get a clue. But its cool. I may end up back in my size 14 but there are still other confidently curvy women out there who need to have options!

Thank you Target. I now know that my letters and concerns don't go unheard! As much as I talk about Target you would think that this is what my blog is about.

Anyways I'm feverishly sending out resumes. I have concluded that working out has improved my mood, given me the pep back in my step I so desperately needed and solidified my resolve to search for a company who's values fall in line with mine (or vice-versa).

Signing off...

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  1. Good luck with the job hunt! I share your adoration for Target!