Friday, June 19, 2009

Im Baaaack!

Well I haven't actually been anywhere. Just moping and feeling sorry for myself. But We finally made use of our YMCA membership this week. Some days are better than others. I hate working out...I prefer to sit around doing nothing. BUT I have been getting my cardio in and I did water aerobics (my hair is a wreck!). OMG its fun and pretty challenging it you challenge yourself. (MY HAIR IS A WRECK!!!!!!)

So we sent daddy a gift from Harry & David. I mean he doesn't need anything else. If I had been thinking I would've sent him a new grill from home depot online. But I didn't think about it. He hasn't gotten it...should've been there by now. (IM calling them now...) So I called and they are talking about it wont get there until Monday. Well maybe you need to make sure to specify that on the web page so that people will know that last day to ship something and get it there without doing priority was the 12th not the 13th! I just sent them a email expressing my disgust.


On another note. Work is going well. I am more motivated than ever to do something else and have pretty much figured out what that something else is. My husband said something to me the other day that really turned a light bulb on in my head. He said he was starting to figure me out. That it takes me going low or failing or doing bad to motivate me to do my best. Its true. I'm learning my inconsistency is a hindrance but also what gets me going. I guess you cant appreciate the highs without the lows. Id better start appreciating because all I seem to have are highs and gray area. I guess thats what makes me the genius I am.

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