Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Customer at a Time...

So Target responded to my email. It was a really lame attempt at trying to appease me without really commiting to change or take action. I work in customer service (for the time being) and I KNOW how to empathize or show appropriate emotional response to a customers issue. Epic Fail. She was basically like blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah whatever i know we suck i will forward this to the buyer in your area. Oh so its one person who is sucking at their job. In the meantime my sister Jessica gave me a Target giftcard for my birthday last week. Well I normally love I guess I will get some shoes for our impromptu cruise in July. (Notice I said nothing about getting back down to a size 14...Im not committed right now so Im not even going to go there)

I must take a minute to vent. Work has been crazy lately. You all know that I am an over achiever on the inside. And even though my job is kinda lame I still like to be great at what I do. I mean yes. I come to work and take phone calls from T-Mobile customers who are complaining about something more often than nought but i still want to be a top rep. Lately my motivation just hasnt been there. I really need to figure out how to transition to whatever it is that im going to do next.

Im starting a new blog on top of this one. It will be call something along the lines of "Homie do you know me..." and ode to my job. I kind of want to write a book to help people be better customers! Not a book to teach people how to be better customer service reps or better servers or sales associates...but a book to teach people how to be better customers. I mean if we are all better customers wouldnt everyone be alot nicer?

Case and point. I just got blasted by a customer. Then the next call comes in one second later. Im trying to be nice but my feelings are really hurt so I rub off on you and you rub off on the next person. But if my original jerk faced customer had been a little nicer...then I would have been alot nicer and so on and so forth.

Just an idea. Im just sick of jerk faces.

Enough of my rant.

Points to Remember from this post: Homie Do You Know Me is coming & We need to be better customers

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  1. I think your book is a great idea. Please do it.