Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

So I was born 29 years ago on may 19! Yes I'm twenty-nine...can you believe it. I still look the same....I haven't changed since I was like 19. Okay so I am reaching a little.

Today was great. Thanks to my wonderful Hubby! He picked me up from work early...and we went to Pancake Pantry. I really wanted to take pictures but as we all know my camera broke over six months ago and I am so terrible at making decisions I could not figure out what I wanted to buy. I mean I have been researching cameras since my old friend the exilim broke. Still didn't buy one...I wanted one like I couldn't go buy one at any time. But I didn't know what I wanted.

SOOOOO ANYWAYS. Went to Pancake Pantry. Hands down best pancakes in Nashville (besides Q's which he makes from scratch). Then we went to the movies to see Angels and Demons...I really liked it and I think its better than DaVinci Code. Loved the twist at the end even though it was kinda predictable. After that we went to Marble Slab...I got a new mix of course. Banana ice cream with brownie and caramel mix ins. Well it made me sick so my trip to Target had to be cut short.

So we get home and Q kept saying...I really wanted to buy you a bag. But they were like three hundred dollars. I was like huh...I had a great day its cool. I turn the corner and there is a HUGE balloon attached to a bag. I start getting butterflies and I'm like....Say it isn't what I think it is!

MY BABY GOT ME A NEW CAMERA. I am so hype right now. I did my hair...even though i was going to wear a ponytail tomorrow...so that I will be new camera worthy!

He totally surprised me last year...and man he did it again this year. He is getting better and better every day! I love him so much!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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