Thursday, May 21, 2009

Attention Target Shoppers

I wrote this letter to Target after going in there on my birthday and leaving with 2 t-shirts. I am this close to changing them from my go-to place to the place I wont go-to...I swear! I sent this email today!

Just when I thought that the plus sized merchandise in your Madison and Hendersonville Tennessee locations was getting a little better, it got WORSE. Is the plus sized woman not an important sector of the market to you all. Do you not want our business...or are we only allowed to buy homegoods and shoes from Target stores.

I have complained about this before (submitted the form before). It seems to me that you are missing out on a big chunk of money that Lane Bryant and JcPenney scooping up. I hope that your response to that last statement was not, "fine well shop there then." Its crazy that you have so many cute fun flirty items for smaller women but for plus sized women you have very little. Well we are here too...we are mothers...daughters...wives...girlfriends...single and ready to mingle just like those who are sized 0 - 18. We want to go into the store and have the option of trying on a garment or ordering it online. We want to be able to stop into target on Thursday after work or the gym or whatever and pick up a cute tee and new pair of jeans. What do we not like skinny jeans because we arent skinny? They are flattering with a tunic you know. Old Navy got some and I bought them in every wash...even white because lord knows fashion forward trendy clothing is hard to come by for us curvy chicks. Trust me. I live in Tennessee and have this conversation all the time with my coworkers and friends. We have to spend more money to look decent...and lane bryant just doesnt have enough variety.

Im not just trying to be annoying. I wrote the same letter to JcPenney seven months ago. It was followed up by a phone call and many emails asking me what i thought they were doing right and wrong and what I think my plus sized counterparts would like to see. And I have seen such great strides. I only hope you take a look at everything you are selling to everyone else and do a little bit more IN STORE along those lines for plus sized women. We need color...we like to wear more than black blue and brown. We are not afraid of different materials...I mean jersey knit is nice and all but we like dresses and shirts made of cotton as well...can we please have some selection when it comes to jean cut. I mean I am not a mom and I dont want mom jeans nor do I only want a choice of one wash in my bootcut denim jeans. DRESSES DRESSES DRESSES. Would it kill you to sell a Maxi dress in the store for plus sized women. Even Walmart has caught on to that one and has a huge variety of them. Every store that sells plus sized clothing is selling a maxi dress. and they are all selling out. Why do you have a bunch of them in smaller sizes and none in plus sizes. Even the store in Brentwood Tennessee is lacking.

A choice, a better selection. Just do better. Goodness gracious. I guarantee you...if you dedicate the space, energy and extra material to the plus size consumer you will not be disappointed. As hard as it is for plus sized women to find clothing if you invest in me we will invest our hard earn money in you and your products. Not just clothing but other things as well.

Scenario: I am going to dinner with my husband...and I want to get a new outfit. Some jeans, a top, maybe some sexy heels. I go to target and find the top and shoes but decide I dont want to get jeans today. Instead I buy some cute jewelry and a new handbag. I also stop by the mens section and pick up some argyle dress socks and a button down for my husband to wear. I realize we need toilet paper and while Im walking to the checkout I see that you have some really nice trailmix and chocolate truffles so I grab those as well. I head to the checkout happy as can be. When my husband asks about my outfit during dinner I tell him about my finds a target. When he gets ready to buy electronics and our patio furniture he doesnt bother going anywhere else he gets it from Target. I tell my friends when I post my pictures on facebook that target is the place to go. So they will go to and shop because they can get everything in one place!

How much money did I spend in one trip to Target in this scenario and how much revenue have I generated by telling everyone else about my great Target finds! Ok here's another question. what if Target is not on anyones lips or in anyones ears, not on anyones facebook or twitter, not on anyones back. What if I get tired of being disappointed and stop going to target at all because I know they will never have what I am looking for. Right.

I will be watching. And if nothing comes of this letter, then it will be a shame. I am currently employed by T-mobile and I know for a fact that we listen to our customers. I know how to sell and I know how to make each customer experience differentiated from any other they have ever had. I know what creates buzz....but more than need to build loyalty to your brand. And you are missing out on a huge section of the market because you refuse to make a few changes.

I have said a mouthful. I know. But I just couldnt go another minute with out taking a few moments of my day to share with you something that was really weighing heavily on my heart. I feel alot better now. I cant wait to see if anything comes of this email!

Signing Off!

Erica Clay


  1. I think it's absolutely great that you wrote a letter with your feedback!

  2. great blog :)