Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Bed..

I have to be logged into my system at 6 am, so I have to wake up at 4:45. The first day was hades. Today was great because I went to bed at 8 pm last night. Tomorrow I hope to be a little more used to it. Its kinda surreal to leave work early and see the light of day. I love it. Its a miracle.

Im on this whole thanking God for miracles in my life...big and small. A miracle is a miracle. And me getting off at 2:30 pm is a miracle.

Anyways. I was shopping online today. Well I was looking rather because I cant actually buy anything not on heavy clearance until May. Then Im kind of like, spring is coming and why should i buy any more winter stuff. Plus we are moving and if I keep buying stuff that will be more to pack, move, unpack and hang back up. I will pass.

So Im going to quote Lil' Wayne...who I cant stand because everything I believe in he opposes and vice versa. But he seems to have a great work ethic. I see through him though. He says he is a thug several times in the interview he did with Katie Couric (google it) but he is a nerd. Yeah he is totally posing!

"If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldnt have been born."

I love that! I hate how people always blame their examples or role models (or lack thereof) for their behavior and choices. Be accountable. Be responsible. Sleep in the bed you made...be it one of dirt and rocks (deathbed), or water (drowning), or roses (full of thorns) or be it a big fluffy comfy bed with lots of pillows. I think I have made a regular bed. Its just a plain queen sized bed thats nice and firm. Its not the fanciest thing, but its suits me just fine! Its enough room for Q and I to lay in it together. We dont like a whole lot of fancy pillows either because you can't enjoy your bed with all that crap all over it anyways! Its a waste of money and space...it just looks pretty and isnt functional at all.

But I love that he said that and I wanted to share it.

I must go lay in my bed now...since I have to wake up super early! Be blessed all!


  1. It does feel good to let it all out without judgement.

    I am trying to...accept(?) the bed Im in, but I cant help blaming Richard for all the shit Ive been through. I cant help blaming him for making or rather messing up my bed. I feel like he cursed me and I hate him for that... but that is another subject for another time. Congrats on getting the earlier work time, and when and where and why are you guys moving! Keep me updated.