Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easy Does It...

I have a bunch of chicken breast and a laziness I can't seem to shake. So when faced with chicken and the strong desire not to cook...tonight I did what I always do! I made Salsa chicken. Chicken breast, taco seasoning, salsa...baked and topped with jack cheese. Ohhhhhh so good!

I'm taking it easy.

Q and I are moving, to another apartment. Because this one is ghetto and falling apart. They are trying to patch it up...literally. But its like putting a band-aid on a knife wound. Plus there is no washer dryer connection and I have had enough on shared machines and stuff.

I'm taking it easy.

I need a new computer. I have had this Mac powerbook for a really long time. But it's still going strong. So I'm going to save my money.

I'm taking it easy.

I'm so tired of these racist McDonalds commercials. But the nuggets taste so good with that sweet and sour sauce. And that orange drink...I mean its only Hi-C Orange but why does it taste so much better than the Hi-C anywhere else.

How come they don't have commercials geared towards Hispanics, Italians, Asians, Irish...I mean I can think of a bunch of ignorance to try to sell them Mcnuggets!!! We could have the Asians studying and eating McNuggets and rice. The Irish can be in a pub, eating McNuggests and drinking beer (of course they will be wearing green). The Italians can be all mobbish and eat McNuggets while burrying a body. The Indians can be in a big bright colorful room all baliwoodish and eat nuggets and fries while dancing around. I mean you catch my drift. Why do the black people in all McDonalds commercial have to sing, dance or sing and dance.


I'm watching the NAACP Image Awards. What a joke. We have a netflix arrival. I'm going to turn that one instead of this. Because Sean Combs just won an award for acting.

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