Monday, February 23, 2009

Home Woes

Looking for a place to live when you arent rolling in the dough is exhausting.

Im was looking at rentals. Then I got Q's approval to look at purchasing something. But we dont have a freaking down payment. The realtor said we would need like thirteen thousand down...which really isnt that much for a DP. We dont have i guess we will be renting. But I really dont want an apartment...I want to be able to bbq.

We will see...I started early but I feel like Im last minute. It will work itself out but im NOT staying in this dump any longer than the end of my lease.

We had the Bradleys over for dinner last night. I made salmon, veggies, rice and mac and cheese (just because i wanted it). Also made honeybun cake and we had ice cream. It was so fun and i love love love entertaining. To bad I dont have a bigger place and more friends in da'ville.

They have the cutest made me want my own. But Im content that when God blesses us then I will have my own. We have chosen a name Yuri Sophia Clay. I wanted Sophia and Q wanted Yuuki. You all probably dont watch anime or read manga but we do. One of our faves is Vampire Night. The main character is Yuuki...I refuse to name my daughter Yuuki. Refuse. Refuse. Refuse. So I settled for Yuri and its growing on me.

Signing off.

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  1. wait i can't remember... did you go to japan for your honeymoon???