Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Year in the Shanty...Maryland Here I Come

So I shouldn't complain because I have a roof over my head. BUT i am going to. Because I feel like it. So I have to spend another year in this apartment...its my fault and I'm not happy about it. I wont go into detail but since we will be staying here I have decided to really turn this hole into a home. Hang up pictures and mirrors and stuff I was saving for my next nice apartment.

We will be getting out of debt before we move, then we will be buying a house. End of conversation. I hate it when Q asserts his kingliness and I have no choice but to bow down and kiss his ring. I mean I hate it but I love kinda turns me on and infuriates me at the same time.

So here I am...still same address, another year lease. But truth is I al lazy and really didnt even feel like moving. I will probably be living here until we have a kid and are forced to move! Arg! Like I said Im not blaming him its totally my fault we arent moving...i said Im leaving it at that.

Im going home next week and Im so happy. I can't wait to go to restaurants that arent in culturally diverse surrounding and engage in intelligent conversation! March 5th cant come fast enough! See you all soon!!!!

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  1. i know the feeling about chain restaurants! argh! sorry about having to stay at your apt but i'm sure you could do some fabulous decor work...