Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Person (Im rambling today...)

"An eye for an eye makes the world blind..."

So my sister and I were kind of going back and forth about planning Jessica's shower. And i got extremely upset, because I can have a short fuse. And Quenton was like, just let it go. Just say ok and keep doing what you are going to do. And I was like, "NO, Im tired of dealing with this, I have to say whats on my mind!" And he was like, "Well remember in bible study, we were talking about not speaking right away. You have the opportunity to be the bigger person, so you shouldnt say anything." I said something anyway. Then I told him, "Well Im sorry your wife's is such a disappointment to you."

I can be such a wench. And I know that. But my sisters and I resolved our issues two minutes later because thats just how we work. Anyone with sisters knows this to be true.

But why do I feel the need to strike back when I feel wronged. I guess the fact that my job is to take whatever treatment people want to give I dont want to have to take it in my everyday life. But most people have to take crap from other people what makes me any better not to have to take it?

What if everyone lashed out when someone lashed out or did something bad to them! It would be a world full of victims and victimizers. Why is it so hard to let things go sometimes? I dont know. What I do know is if you do let it go, you feel so much better. (Im speaking about myself...apparently i need to start leaving disclaimers)

So yeah thats my public service announcement. Why hold on to stuff? Why let another persons behavior dictate how you interact with others and experience life. Why let someone occupy space in your mind and heart. Taking control of the situation is bidding that person farewell and wishing them well in all that they do, understanding that you are not losing but really gaining. (still on myself...take it how you will).

Im so free right now its crazy. Im so happy right now...because the reasons why I wouldnt normally be happy Ive let go. My plans for revenge and push back or deaded.

So yeah...if someone pokes you in the eye and you poke them in the eye and then they poke you in the are both blind. Where do you poke next? You cant even see the person or anyone else for that matter. So what happens when someone can see comes and slaps you on the back of the do you react then?

Im glad Im smart now than I was ten minutes ago!

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